#204 Barry M Turn My Lips Pink Lipstick Review

I’m still sick, boo! So I’ve turned to my good ol’ hard drive to see what photos I have to turn into a blog post for this fine evening when the TV is absolutely rubbish. I hate Freeview, I can’t wait to get back to work next year so I can justify having Sky TV in again. I will probably put on a DVD and snuggle up under my spare quilt on the sofa. I don’t know whether or not to order take away, this is my eternal Saturday night dilemma! I probably shouldn’t as I have pizza in the freezer and a carton of soup in the fridge if I am hungry.. but because of this cold I don’t even know if I’m hungry, I just feel I probably should since I haven’t eaten since 2pm.. and you know “feed a cold, starve a fever.” I’m rambling as usual.
Tonight I’m reviewing one of my newer lipsticks, and probably the cheapest one I own. It’s the Barry M Turn My Lips Pink lipstick. I’ve been intrigued by this lipstick for years but I’ve never bothered to buy it as I went through the standard phase of only wanting to own MAC lipstick. However the last time Boots had 3 for 2 on I couldn’t see anything else I wanted in my very small local store so I though “might as well.” I was a bit dubious to whether or not the colour it turned would suit me, or worse, whether or not it would react with my lips (hey, it’s happened with cheaper lipsticks, I’m looking at you Rimmel!) Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised!

As you can see it looks very foreboding in the lipstick bullet.. bright green it looks like it’s made for Elphaba in Wicked! The lipstick itself is sleek and black, very timelessly classic and I don’t mind having it in my bag. I do find the packaging very like the NARS products though in that it gets very dirty very easily though.
The consistency of the lipstick is more of a balm and I do actually find it quite greasy when first applied. The other thing is that the green goes on quite transparent and until it starts turning pink you can’t really tell how much and where you’ve applied it which is also a little bit annoying as it takes a little while to get it evenly spread. Another thing I found out is that it doesn’t work very well over lip balm. I try to always apply lip balm to my lips before lipsticks to ensure they don’t dry out. The first time I used this I didn’t have any lip balm on me so on went with the lipstick and it worked perfectly. The second time I used it over my lip balm, it took ages to turn to pink and I had to spent a while constantly applying it which was a bit frustrating as i’m impatient. As this lipstick isn’t drying next time I won’t be bothering with the lip balm. 
So, how does it work? Seemingly the alkali level in your lips determines how pink it will go. It also contains aloe vera which is probably why it didn’t dry my lips out.
And did it work? Yes, it did work! My lips turned a pink I can only describe as a cross between berry and bubblegum. I love it and what I love even more is it stains my lips so I don’t need to constantly reapply. Of course that’s a bit of a bitch when it comes to removing! It’s quite a sheer pink despite the staining which reminds me a bit of a gloss without the stickiness or shimmer. Definitely worth the £4.49 or even better if you can get it on a 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price! 
I admit, not the most flattering photos but at least they give a nice clear indication of the colour it turns on my lips. I’m pretty impressed with it especially how I got it free on 3 for 2. On my lips it’s a nice day to day colour and the fact it doesn’t come off easy is perfect for this busy mum!
Have you tried Turn My Lips Pink by Barry M? What colour did it go?

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