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I’ve been humming and ahhing which room to do next on my room tour and I have settled on my bedroom. It’s not perfect yet but since I have to start thinking about Christmas I doubt it’ll be complete anytime soon. It has come so far though. Of all the rooms I hated the colour of the walls in my room the most. I hate the carpet, I hate the carpet so much that in the new year I will be saving to replace it. I do not care that my furniture will be a nightmare to move, I need this carpet gone.
The room itself is a lot bigger than I was expecting however despite the large window it doesn’t get a lot of sun but the view is a beaut. It has one built in cupboard that at the moment stores towels, sheets and clothes Little Miss hasn’t grown into yet. Eventually I’d like to get the top part opened (my sisters boyfriend snapped the handle) for storing the towels and sheets then take the door off and paint the inside bit and shelves to use for display purposes. But that can come with time. It has two alcoves, one has my wardrobe in (the darker of the two) and the other has my dressing table in. 
Anyway, here are some before & in progress photos, please note the walls and floor.. 
Mustard walls and navy blue carpet in the bedroom? Anyone else think it looks so depressing!?! For starters I hate yellow walls.. when I was a kid my sister and I had a sunshine yellow bedroom and it was hell! Imagine that with a migrane!? So my mum who is also my hero painted it for me and because the wallpaper is that spongy sort… IT ABSORBED THE PAINT! It took THREE coats to paint it and my mum managed that in a week. Thank God it was during that heat wave so the paint dried fast. The carpet sadly had to stay, after spending £80 on paint I couldn’t afford to replace the carpet. Luckily, with the walls a lovely creamy white it brightened up the room so I can stand the carpet for a little bit longer. 
Now.. time for the semi finished article, ready?
I managed to get everything off my bedroom wishlist! Most of it is flatpacks that I bought from Argos when they were offering their £5 back with £50 spend and £10 back with £100.. I placed individual orders to get some money back to spend on other bits and pieces. Although everything appears to be different colours, it’s all supposed to be pine. I know as a blogger I should want white in my bedroom, everything white. But with having a small child with constantly sticky fingers white is out of the question.. also I find it a bit blah as everyone has it.. white and persplex.. they’re just not me. I have never ever had a dressing table before. I’ve had chests of drawers with my stuff on.. and a half desk/dressing table in my university accommodation but never a real dressing table with a stool and mirror. I adore it! The full length mirror is an old family heirloom. It belonged to my great aunt but when I moved into my house with hardly any furniture she donated this to me. It’s beautiful and I love the little shelf and drawer on it, perfect for keeping all my hair bits and pieces together! My wardrobe was a slight disappointment as it’s smaller than I thought but thankfully I don’t have a that much clothes and I bought a cheap shoe rack from eBay for all my every day shoes (read, not heels). I’m sure it was only about £4.99 delivered! 
My favourite item in my whole room, perhaps my whole HOUSE is my bed. It’s a small double and the comfiest thing i’ve ever slept on. When I was in my early teens my parents saved up what they thought was enough to get the attic converted into their bedroom giving my sister and I a room of our own. Something we’d both always wanted. After having an architect in and getting planning permission it turned out they didn’t have enough to do the conversion so instead they redecorated our room and bought all new furniture, including two £600 beds. It’s just a divan with a metal head board.. but what makes it so wonderful, is the mattress. It’s a very soft memory foam mattress. As soon as I lay on it in the shop I was sold. I don’t want to ever go back to a cheap spring mattress again.. Of course not everyone can afford over £400 for a mattress but if there is anything I can recommend paying good money for, it’s a mattress. Mine came from a show room but you can easily find brilliant affordable mattresses from such retailers as Mattresses Online. They offer memory foam double matresses from as little as £134.95 with next day delivery. They even do kids mattresses so when I upgrade Little Miss from a cot I know where I’m going to get her a good cheap one for her new bed. I love my bed even more now it has my gorgeous bedding that I got for my birthday on it!
Bedding £35, Next // Owl Cushion £16.25, Sass and Belle
Old Photo of LM // Daughter Plaque, 18th Birthday Present from my Mum // Owl Lamp £28, Debenhams // Bakery Fresh Oatmeal Raisin Candle (look out for it in my Autumn Favs!) £8, Local Garden Centre
Thomas Kinkade Peter Pan Canvas £9.99, eBay // A Letter, Urban Outfitters (Ancient) // Yummy Mummy Plaque, Gift
A note on the Yummy Mummy plaque; I don’t consider myself a Yummy Mummy. My sister bought it as a gift for me as everyone was buying for Little Miss where as my sister’s friends had bought for her too. It’s cute and all shabby chic, as well as being a lovely gesture. 
Pine Three Self Unit £14.99, Home Bargains
Make Up Bag £14.99, Cath Kidston // White Storage Drawers £24.99, Homebase // Brush Holder, Gift
Cinderella Plaque, Gift from Bee // Fairytales Print, Etsy
With my grandfather being so ill, my dad hasn’t had time to hang these two for me. I have offered but my dad still likes to do his bit for me. I have a couple of mirrored boards to put up in Little Miss’ room too and a sign for her bedroom door. I also have the Alice Spineless Classic print that I put in my Christmas wishlist last year! I haven’t managed to find a frame big enough for it yet though but it will be going up with these other two. 
I’m also hoping to get a narrow bookcase for my room for photo albums and my copies of Elle that are currently in boxes beside my shoe rack but like I said, that will have to wait until after Christmas now. 
I’ve only had one little disaster in the whole house and this is with the curtains in this room.. I couldn’t remember the measurements so just ordered whatever they had in stock in Argos.. and this is how they ended up looking.. OH THE SHAME!
Have you had any interior design disasters? And what do you think of the pine furniture? 
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