#205 A Wanderlust Wishlist – Holidaying in the UK *

Did any of you notice that I’ve swapped my A Wednesday Wishlist feature for something different this week? Today I’m sharing A Wanderlust Wishlist instead, just for a change. And lets face it, we all know how much I love an adventure!
After next year there will be no more holidays abroad for Little Miss and I for a good three years. Why? Because my dad promised that when my nephew and daughter have turned 5, he’ll help finance a family trip to Florida. My sister and I are on count down already! However, he’s only offered to pay for accommodation and of course he’ll be renting the car. We need to pay for our own flights and park tickets, then of course the spending money so we’re still talking a few thousand each. That means three years of solid saving to make this dream come true. I can’t possibly go three years with some form of a holiday so I figured, why not explore our own country? Despite being travel savvy, I usually go and visit friends, I have had very few holidays in the UK even as a child. I feel like I’ve been missing out, so why not try and see more, especially now I have a little on on my own!
I don’t camp. I camped a little back in my late teens at festivals and with my friends but I hate it. I hate waking up in the morning with the damp and how uncomfortable it is. I need some comforts, I’m not any good at the roughing it and I can’t imagine it’s fun with a child, especially a child like mine who doesn’t sleep well even in her bed! That’s how I came across Park Leisure which offers 5 star luxury holiday homes including caravans and lodges, those I find much more appealing! They have eight parks close to some of England’s most beautiful countryside & coasts. They have some parks in Co. Durham, Lancashire, Cornwall, Yorkshire and even Northumberland! All beautiful areas of the country and at least two of the places I’m dying to holiday, Co.  Durham and i’d love to go back to Cornwall. 
I’ve compiled a wishlist of places here in my home country I still haven’t managed to visit. 
Durham // Newquay // Stratford Upon Avon
Bath // Loch Lomond // Brighton Pier
To fulfill my love of history I really want to visit Durham & Bath.. there is even a Park Leisure in Co. Durham not too far from from Durham City. The place always looks so beautiful when I pass on the train and I’ve been told it’s similar to York.. and I LOVE York. I also want to visit from Bath, again for the beautiful historical buildings. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Stratford Upon Avon as I love Shakespeare and that’s his home! It feels wrong I still haven’t been. If I’m not going somewhere warm for a long time perhaps a couple of trips to some seaside towns? Newquay is where I want to go next in Cornwall, the beautiful beaches always just look like going abroad. Brighton is the other seaside town I want to visit, mainly because I have some awesome friends there but because there seems to be so much to do! I hate holidays where I might get bored. Finally, Loch Lomond, I’d like to go with my parents though. The place has great significance for us all. 
Is there anywhere in the UK you really want to visit? Are the any places you’d recommend I visit?
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