#206 Reads for the Weekend // Eight

Firstly I just want to wish the lovely Erica over at I’m Being Erica, Happy Birthday! She’s also off home to Australia for a few weeks but I have a guest post going up over there while she’s away. It’s a goodun’ so I suggest you give her awesome blog a follow!
I’ve had another busy week this week with my Uncle being over and my grandfather being in hospital. As I can’t drive and can’t direct while being in a car, as well as having Little Miss, I’ve yet to venture to the hospital which is over an hours drive away so I’ve had the task of keeping my Nanny going. They’ve been married for over 50 years, in fact nearly 60 years so it’s been hard for her and from looking after my grandfather for 9 weeks she was starting to fall ill. She’s enjoyed having people to visit especially Little Miss & my nephew as they didn’t visit while my grandpa was at home. On Monday we had a great laugh over the old photo albums, I look a lot like my mother in her teens and Little Miss looks like my mother when she was a baby. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings while Little Miss was at nursery I spent some quality time with Nanny, we did a LOT of talking about Christmas, she’s an organiser like me. Yesterday I needed to go to town shopping then I made dinner for my mum & Uncle Brian when they came back from the hospital. Today is a lazy day for SURE!
This weekend I’m off to Bee‘s for a night as it’s her housewarming. We’re doing another Murder Mystery and this time it’s a Shakespeare one. I’m not even away 24 hours but I’m definitely looking forward to the company! 
This week I’ve really embraced the start of my Christmas shopping as a lot of places have had sales on! I bought a couple of outfits for Little Miss from Mamas and Papas and a few bits from Boots for my friends who have kids. I have to split up my shopping to be able to afford Christmas. I’m a giver (in the gift sense of the word, nothing naughty people, minds out the gutter!)
ANYWAY, time for this weeks Reads for the Weekend. I’ve got some great picks for you!
The lovely Alice over at Tea & Lead was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week. She has been doing a series of posts related to this but my favourite so far has been her Bloggers Guide. Reading it really made me want to go but it’s out of the question until I go back to work.  Anyway, whenever I do get to go I will be using Alice’s guide to make the most of the experience, it’s fantastic for first time goers in particular if you’re a blogger.
Karen of Scarlett Fashion Blog & of course the online store Scarlett Fashion, gave us a preview of the new Sugarhill Boutique line that is now available in her store. Sugarhill Boutique is my favourite brand at the moment so I loved seeing what’s available. It’s so cute and quirky but it still looks grown up. I’m reviewing one of the new pieces later on this week so look out with that. On Scarlett Fashion Blog, you can even catch a glimpse of the beautiful Karen modelling what’s available!
A different Alice posted about her attempt at baking English muffins on her blog The Cup and Saucer. I LOVE English muffins (especially with an egg on!) so this was an interesting read. I remember the episode of Great British Bake Off when they had to attempt them and I thought it looked difficult.. until I read Alice’s post. Apart from being terrified of cooking them, I think I’d definitely give making them a go. 
Lauren wrote a post on her blog Belle Du Brighton that I could really identify with, it was called Project Anti-Slummy Mummy. Being a mother I found myself nodding my head while reading this and completely empathising. I had a similar post written but scrapped it so I just had to share this with you all. For starters, I don’t think Lauren is a slummy-mummy at all, she only had her little bundle of joy back at the start of her summer so she’s doing amazingly! I also didn’t own jeans or trousers until I became a mother. Ha.
This week on one of my fav blogs Strangeness & Charm, Hayley shared her top tips for selling on eBay. I have been gradually clearing out to afford some new clothes and because I always have a clear out before Christmas just to make from for anything new. I’m hoping to use some of Hayley’s tips when I list some stuff at the start of next month.
The lovely Shannon of Raspberry Kiss shared how blogging landed her her dream job! It was such an uplifting and inspiring post that proves blogging can really take you anywhere! Her blog is great and her job sounds fantastic, personally I’d love to do something like that! 
Without a doubt the cutest post on my dash this week has been by Sunae on her blog Little Foal. It’s about the friends she’s made through blogging that she now considers real life friends! It was so sweet and touching, It made me feel really thankful for the friends i’ve made through blogging. I really couldn’t of gotten through the year without them and I hope in 2014 I continue to meet more awesome people through my blog. I just hope Sunae can get her butt over here and meet us all!
Finally, I’m leaving you with a very thought provoking post. This is the best thing i’ve read on a blog in weeks, it’s about classim & grammar by Becky Bedbug. It would be wrong not to share this wonder post on my blog as it’s so well constructed and a brilliant argument. I really wish I could employ Becky to be Little Miss’ teacher as she has fantastic views.
Hope you’ve found a new blog to read, have a fantastic weekend! xx
Also, have you entered my one year blog birthday giveaway yet? You should!

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