#207 Style File #1 Mary Margaret Blanchard

Another new segment, so I don’t bore you all week in and week out with wishlists. Here are my Style Files, a collection of posts all about my fashion inspirations both celebrity and fictional TV and movie characters. Back in March I did a post about celebrity style crush, so if you want some idea of who will be featuring in this series you can have a bit of a sneak peak there. This segment will feature inspiration and wishlists.
If you’ve been following my blog since the start, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with Disney & Fairytales… so naturally that makes my favourite TV show Once Upon a Time. While everyone has been banging on about the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, I’ve started rewatching Once Upon a Time in preparation for season 3 starting in a couple of weeks (in the US obvs) and the spin off show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, fairytales and Alice in Wonderland, yes please! Anyway, last night my rewatch inspired this series of posts when I was manically searching eBay for some A/W clothes inspired by the wardrobe of Mary Margaret Blanchard, played by the ever so stunning Ginnifer Goodwin. And thus, my Style Files were born.
In Once Upon a Time, Mary Margaret’s Enchanted Forest persona is Snow White. I just love the story of Snow White, not so much the Disney version, although I do love the merchandise. Perhaps that’s why I’m complete drawn to her style, or perhaps it’s because as Mary Margaret in Storybrooke she has a perchance for floral, collars and cute little cardigans.. not to mention the berets and peacoats which is what I’ve been wearing for at least the last five years! Every episode I’m constantly on the look out for items I can possibly find a dupe for to freshen up my A/W wardrobe. 
The knitwear. I love knitwear. I have my summer cardigans and jumpers and my winter ones that I have just rescued from their dark cold home in the attic. I love the amount of cardigans in the same style in different colours Mary Margaret has. I especially love the teal cardigan with white lace collared top combo in the first photo. The jumper in the final photo of this set reminds me of one that Alice of Tea & Lead has, I’m now insanely jealous that I don’t own it as it would be perfect for more casual days.
Hello feminine dresses and skirts in cute patterns. I absolutely love a dress or skirt in florals or polka dots and Mary Margaret has some of the best! I love the cut of the first dress, it’s so 50s and I think it would be flattering despite my figure being completely different to Ginnifer Goodwin’s. I especially love the outfit in the final photo, I have a cardigan of that exact colour sat in my H&M basket. The dress is so cute, I think it would be perfect for autumn if I could find one similar. 
That blooming blue coat! I have search high and low for a coat similar but I can’t find one! it’s the collar that sells it to me! She’s also wearing mittens! I am an advocate of the mittens. I’m going to have to replace the pair I accidently left on a train last year. Some lucky bugger got a beautiful pair of royal blue fleece lined mittens. And lets talk about the berets.. the fact she wears berets makes me so happy and feel slightly more stylish when I’m dashing around Tesco in mine. I love her tan brogues with white laces in the final photo! I love a tan brogue but the white laces give them a little bit more of a quirky edge (and I love a quirky edge). 
Now onto the tops. I love the pattern on the first one, it reminds me of the Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo collection. The colour is gorgeous and I want it for the autumn (lets not mention the hat, I want the hat too). The top with the bow cut out is super sweet as is the cream top with matching cardigan. Neither of those are baby friendly but there is no denying they’re cute and would be so easy to work with a multitude of colours. 
Last set of Mary Margaret fashion spam, I promise. I adore the cut of the first dress, so smart and sophisticated which is something I desperately need to get into my wardrobe, I’m 26 next year and often get mistaken for an under 18 year old! Time to smarten up. Again this goes with the skirt in the middle photo. I do eventually want a nice stable office job and I really love the pencil skirt style. Finally, the kick ass Mary Margaret “I know I’m Snow White” outfit. The cardigan and white blouse are such a nice combination, cute but still have an element of “mum” in them which again is something I need more of in my wardrobe.
1. Denim Dress, £22, Ever Ours // 2. Navy Pencil Skirt £14.99, H&M // 3. Coral Cardigan £12.99, H&M
4. Pale Blue Mittens £26.99, ASOS // 5. Cuppa Tea Dress £55, Beard and Bow // 6. Heart Print Blouse £12, Matalan
7. Green Cardigan £9.99, H&M // 8. Burgundy Knitted Beret £6, ASOS
This is my current Mary Margaret inspired wishlist for the A/W. I love the fit of the two dresses, I think they’ll be gorgeous with my winter boots and some wool tights. The denim one could even be worn in the evening with a pair of heels as it’s a similar fit to the red Mary Margaret fitted dress. I love H&M for cardigan, I own 4 similar ones to the two i’ve picked out but I really like the coral one for a bit of warmth and the bottle green will go perfect with my tartan skirt. I’ve been desperate for a pencil skirt for a while and H&M has some really reasonably priced ones in at the moment. The heart print Matalan blouse I think is on everyones wishlist at the moment, I really love the burgundy colour and I love anything with a collar. And it wouldn’t be a Mary Margaret inspired wishlist without a beret, this one is currently on sale on ASOS.. although the mitts aren’t and are a shocking £26.99, I still love them though, I just probably can’t buy them! 
In all honesty, I’d love to look like Ginnifer Goodwin but I know I could never pull off that severe of a haircut. Perhaps my obsession with her perfection in looks and style is because in Once Upon a Time, she has what I want, a handsome chivalrous Prince Charming.. and of course to be a kick ass heroine too!
Next time in my Style File, look out for Blair Waldorf.
Who is your celebrity/fictional style inspiration?

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