#208 Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh Presents, Smokehouse

A week past Thursday I was invited up to Edinburgh’s branch of the Hard Rock Cafe, this time to learn more about and experience their Smokehouse menu. As I made clearer in my restaurant review back in May, I love The Hard Rock Cafe as it’s something my dad introduced my sister and I to from a young age. So I was really excited to get a behind the scenes look at how the Smokehouse range comes together on the plate. I had a plus one for the event so I invited my fav Scot Kirsty from Indigo Buttons to come with me, I hadn’t seen her since February!
On arrival we were each handed a corona which ended up being the first of a few drinks and as I barely drink, I did end up quite tipsy. We met up with the lovely Lesley, Edinburgh restaurant’s sales and marketing manager, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. Instantly she and the rest of her team made us feel so welcome. Before it started we had a little bit of time to chat to the other bloggers and press that had been invited, it was a really nice friendly environment, everyone was really relaxed and as ever the staff made us all feel so welcome. 
Adam in action, showing us how to make the most of a whole chicken.
Everything that goes into their made in house statement barbeque sauce, that’s a lot of ingredients!
 We were introduced to the executive chef, the charismatic Adam Weir who talked us through how in house they manage to get the authentic smokehouse experience. Everything is cooked in the restaurant and they only use the best ingredients. They have a smoke oven and are one of the only restaurant chains to use hickery wood chips to give their meat that smokey flavour that Hard Rock is famous for. We were shown a video of the technique used and I must say I found it very impressive that they did all this on the premises, once again gives me an even higher opinion of what the Hard Rock Cafe name means. We also had the opportunity to smell the unique rub that goes on the meat before it’s smoked and had a little competition to guess what was in it, the wonderful Danielle from Edinburgh Foody won a HRC t-shirt, the lucky duck. Finally, the bit that really wasn’t for the squeamish (and luckily I was okay thanks to being half way through my second corona) Adam demonstrated how to make the most of a whole chicken, something that if you’re willing to give a go will save you heaps in the long run, but the cutting through bone (sorry guys, it had to be said!) 
Jars of branded barbeque sauce, this stuff should be sold.. It’s blooming AMAZING!
Platters of wings with ranch dip, potato chips & blue cheese. Yum
A plate of smokehouse goodness! If you plan to have this make sure you have a wad of napkins!
To round of the evening we were presented with some platters of food, showcasing the best of the Smokehouse Range including wings, ribs, chicken and the amazing pulled pork. Oh god have I wanted that pulled pork every day since, it is mouthwatering! As ever the portions are huge and one platter would of happily fed two as a meal or four as a starter. Everything was cooked to perfection. I washed it all down with a glass of white wine. What a fab evening.

We each came away with a jar of Hard Rock Cafe barbeque sauce and the challenge to make something with it, we had three days to do it as it was fresh. We also received a little pouch with a Hard Rock Cafe pin in! Luckily us.
On the Sunday afternoon I used the sauce to cook for my parents and I. I went for smoothered chicken with seasoned fries and mediterranean veg. It all went down very well, my dad even confided in me the next day he could of ate more! I guess my portion sizes aren’t up to Hard Rock Cafe scratch, I’m afraid! 
Thank you to all the staff especially Adam & Lesley for making me feel so welcome and giving me a great insight into the Smokehouse range. As ever the night was truly awesome and I can’t wait to be back!
Have you ever ordered anything from the Hard Rock Cafe Smokehouse menu?
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