#209 Thousands of Books Mean Hundreds of Bookcases *

It’s no secret that I like books. I’m forever buying books and even though i’ve not even been in my house two months and my bookcase is pretty much full! I don’t really have much room in my house, I have maybe a little bit of wall space in my lounge, maybe room for another one at the top of the stairs and a little bit of wall space in my room. 
At the moment I have Argos furniture and Ikea furniture but eventually I’d love to replace those for more expensive hard wearing furniture from somewhere like John Lewis. I miss living in Newcastle because I can’t wander around John Lewis home department and make imaginary lists in my head. If I was ever to get married I would most certainly do my wedding list from there as it has some fantastic bits and pieces for the home, I’d upgrade everything I currently have! Anyway, I’m digressing.. today it’s about bookcases as for me, they’re the most valuable pieces of furniture in my home because they house my precious books. 
John Lewis have a wonderful range of bookcases in at the moment, ones that make me suddenly want to redecorate Little Miss’ bedroom just so I have somewhere to put this bookcase in! But Little Miss already has a beautifully decorated room, I’m the one who needs a bookcase in my bedroom (i’ve decided that’s where I’d like first) so I’m going to share a few of my favourites from John Lewis with you. 
1. Oak Bookcase £149 // 2. Kirby Tall Wide Bookcase £59 // 3. Nouveau Bookcase £150
On the whole, I prefer tall bookcases, because after all that means they can fit in more books, right? They also look beautiful. Here are my two favourite tall bookcases from John Lewis, an oak one which wouldn’t really go with my bedroom furniture but it would look beautiful at the top of the stairs especially when I’ve painted the walls! And a pine one, which would fit perfectly in my room and I’m really considering buying it! Finally a small one but I just couldn’t move past how awesome it looks! Unfortunately again it wouldn’t suit my bedroom but it would match my kitchen perfectly! Imagine how cute all my cookbooks would look in it?
What’s your favourite furniture to shop for?
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