#210 Reads for the Weekend // Seven

Happy Friday one and all! It has been a very up and down week in the Teacups household. Firstly I’ve had this nasty cold for over a week.. nothing is bloody shifting it! The first one of the season is usually pretty nasty. On Tuesday my nephew turned two! I baked him a Mississippi Mud Cake which was a disaster on the day but tasted amazing the day after when the icing had set. Typical. On his birthday my cousin left Berwick for the last time before heading back to Australia, I think a Pacific Ocean worth of tears were shed. On Wednesday I celebrated my blog’s first birthday with a giveaway, have you entered yet? Yesterday my Uncle Brian arrived from the USA, he hasn’t been home in seven and a half years (since my 18th birthday party) my grandpa is just that ill and he wants to spend time with him. Then last night I headed up Edinburgh way to the Hard Rock Cafe to experience their Smokehouse Range, I invited the absolutely AWESOME Kirsty from Indigo Buttons to be my plus one. This week I also guest posted for Ashleigh on her blog 25 to 30, I wrote about my experience as a teen vegetarian and my reasons for not going back to it. I have no plans for the coming weekend apart from treating my parents to a dinner using my complimentary HRC barbeque sauce!
Anyway, in standard Reads for the Weekend tradition (can I call it a tradition after seven weeks?) here are some of my favourite posts from other blogs over the last week.
Last Saturday, Kirsty reviewed one of my all time favourite books, The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I read it a couple of years back and I think everything Kirsty has to say on it sums it up perfectly! I love the movie but I love the book more. If Kirsty’s review doesn’t convince you to read it, it’s “INCONCEIVABLE” (wow, i’m so not witty).
With being sick and it being so damn cold this week (anyone else put the heating on?) I’ve been starting to compile a list of winter warming recipes to try. One that I think I’m going to have a crack of next week is Alice’s Badass Chicken & Leek Pie which she posted on her on her blog The Cup and Saucer last week. 
Happy Birthday Rhiannon! This week on her blog, The Sparkly Panda, she blogged about her Primark Haul. I really loved everything she picked out, especially the boots (which are EXACTLY what I’m after for the winter) and the unicorn socks.. because well, I like unicorns! Her blog also celebrated it’s first birthday just a week before mine and it was one of the ones I first ever followed!
This week the gorgeous Ella of Hello Ella launched her new venture, Blogspiration. It’s going to be a website especially for bloggers by bloggers full of tips, ticks and how tos on starting a blog and helping it grow. I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea and I cannot wait to see how it develops over the next few weeks until it’s launch next month.
My favourite out of continent blogger Jessica of The Mod Mermaid blogged her best blogger feels. We all have them, we all do them and we all enjoy them! It was such an uplifting post and one I will be going back to when ever I feel the dreaded bloggers block coming on! She really captured the good feelings that come along with being a blogger. 
Finally, my bestie Bee wrote her first ever beauty review over on her blog Journeys are my Diary. She reviewed the new Lush shower gel Rose Jam and I already feel tempted to buy it despite still having my daughters weight in Soap & Glory! Her blog has also had a make over with a brand new layout. Definitely worth a gander at as it’s just so colourful! Also you should give her a follow, because I say so. 
I’ll leave you wish a quote I found while writing a post earlier on the week about my mid-twenties fears. It really inspired me and I hope it does the same for you. Have a great weekend! x
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