#211 Umberto Giannini Frizzi Range Review

Today is my beauty post for the week. I’ve had this review half written for a while now but I’ve just not managed to get it up, until today of course. 
If anyone notices anything about me, it’s always my hair. Despite the fact it has been dyed consistently since I was 18 it grows incredibly fast and is in pretty good condition. It’s never dry but occasionally my natural waves and curls do get a little unruly. I have that hair that can only be described as “frizzy” not dry damaged frizzy, just frizzy. 
I first heard about Umberto Giannini’s Frizzi range through a review on Hayley’s blog Strangeness & Charm. She had attended an event at Selfridges when the range was first launch and I had been thoroughly impressed with how amazing her hair looked after being styled. Then she reviewed a product from the range called Miracle Worker with Argan Oil and I simply had to buy it. The range had been on 3 for 2 in Boots at the time and having just checked to write this review, they’re on 3 for 2 once again! The products I bought were the Miracle Worker, Silicone Serum and 3 Days Frizz Free.. I admit, they’re not very catchy names but they’re now the three products I swear by to keep my hair straight.
I apologise for the photos, I’m choked with the cold and I seem to be unable to focus a camera because of this.
3 Day Frizz Free £5.99 // Miracle Worker with Argan Oil £6.99 // Silicone Serum £5.49
First up, the 3 Day Frizz Free Hair Spray.. or going by it’s full name 3 Day Frizz Free Hair Extreme Taming Spray With Weather Proof Formula, now that is a bit of a mouthful! I was after a spray that would keep my hair relatively straight for more than one day as since having my daughter I don’t always have time to spend on my mop! I know there are a few on the market at the moment, and I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tried any apart from this one. For the £5.99 you get a 100ml which isn’t bad, especially if you get it while on offer. So what does Umberto Giannini claim it can do?
No longer do you need to dodge the drizzle to preserve your blow dry or flat iron look, this revolutionary Umberto Giannini Frizzi 3 Day Frizz Free Hair Extreme Taming Spray acts like an invisible shower cap to repel moisture and humidity.”
Okay, first the bad points. The head of the bottle is my main issue. The pump is weird so when you press it down you usually end up with more on your hand that your hair. To avoid this I tend to just spray it into my hand then rub it onto my hair.. which isn’t ideal as it’s quite watery. This also brings me to my second negative point.. it’s really REALLY sticky. Don’t get it anywhere other than your hair because it just feels horrible on skin. This is only when it’s wet, once dried the stickiness goes away and is no longer a problem. But those are my only two complaints.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
(This photo is why I can’t get a boyfriend, I look horrific!)
So does it do what it says on the bottle? Yes it does. Above are photos taken on three consecutive days and as you can clearly see, my hair is pretty straight (although I look dreadful!) On the second day my hair simply required a brush but I will admit on the third I did have to run the straightners through the front, although this probably has something to do with the fact I sleep on my face. The evening of the third day I washed my hair but it could of probably of lasted a forth with some dry shampoo. 
Next, the product that’s review made me want to try this range, the Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. We all know Argan oil is up there with macadamia & coconut oil as being wonder workers for dry and damaged hair and since I couldn’t afford to replace my Macadamia oil, I decided to give this a try. At only £6.99 for 125ml it seemed like a nice cheaper alternative. I bought this back at the beginning of April and it’s now nearing the end of September and I’m just coming to the end of my first bottle. Such fantastic value of money! I use three pumps worth for the ends of my hair after every wash just before blow drying and I swear this is the reason my hair ends are in great condition. According to the bottle; 
Our salon formula of this ancient hair repairing remedy and silicone blend leaves hair protected, supple and full of softness and shine. Our customers say ‘pure genius in a bottle!’ Perfect for dry, rebellious hair.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying it “pure genius” but I do think it’s an awesome product and well worth the money. I can’t think of any negative points. It has a unique smell that probably isn’t for everyone but I quite like it. It gives my hair a lovely shiny and it feels really soft. It also helps reduce the frizz that is caused when blow drying. I will 100% be replacing this bottle as it’s such a good cheap alternative to those more expensive hair oil brands.

Finally the Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum which is £5.49 for 50ml. I have used hair serum for quite a few years as a finishing product especially when i’m going out or in the winter to keep my fly aways under control. I usually pay around this amount even though it seems extortionate for so little but to be honest, you don’t need much. I put maybe a 5pm coin (if that) amount of it in the palm and rub my hands together, then I rub it over my dry hair. The product actually recommends to be used on damp hair before blow drying or if used on dry hair, to be used sparingly but I’ve found as long as you make sure it’s dispensed evenly over the hair it doesn’t make it greasy. According to the Boots website;
Silky silicone fluids spread through tresses easily, coating the hair shaft for hair that is seriously sleek, glossy and under control. This rich formulation also reduces breakages – perfect for the instant control of unruly locks. Great for dry, rebellious hair.
If i’m honest, this doesn’t reduce breakages. Apart from that, you’ve got it. Leaves my hair very sleek and keeps my frizz under control, even in the middle of the summer and humidity. But that’s exactly what I’d expect hair serum to do. Do I think it’s a good price for 50mls? No, you can buy cheaper versions that do the exact same job, but if you’re getting it free in a 3 for 2, go for it. It has very little scent and is in a nice slim bottle that would be easy to take away on holiday with you. 
Over all, I do like the Frizzi range by Umberto Giannini. I would 100% recommend the Miracle Worker! I think it’s a fantastic product and a great price. I’d also recommend the 3 Day Frizz Free spray if you can get past the stickiness of it as it does do exactly what it says on the bottle. I’d really like to give the Recovery Mask a go especially as it also contains the Argan oil which seems to be the winning ingredient here.
Have you tried anything from the Frizzi range? Do you have a wonder product for frizzy an fly away hair?
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