#212 Going Back To School, Better Late Than Never *

First, let me just say from the age of 16 I worked. Even when I was at uni, I worked and should I have stayed in Lincoln, I probably would still be working. However, when I moved back home it meant giving up my job I had to go back to after my maternity leave. Yes, it wasn’t the best job but it would of been flexible and I could of done it until I found something better. When my maternity leave ended a year ago, I went out and got myself a job straight away. Luckily everywhere was after Christmas staff so it wasn’t that hard. Unfortunately, the town remained dead right through the Christmas period so come January, the place I worked hadn’t made enough money to keep me on.. so I was unceremoniously tossed out. I’ll be honest in saying I was treated badly in regards to being let go, the company was sly and pathetic about it and I’d never recommend anyone take a job there. ANYWAY, I spent all of January, February and March searching for a job.. but my hometown is small and jobs few.. in the end my adviser recommended I retrain. My only work experience is a little bit of retail and a lot of hospitality and a small town has very minimal opportunities in these fields.
So in May last year, I started evening classes in IT skills and Book Keeping & Accountancy. I never for a second saw myself in Accountancy but there is no denying I’m good with numbers. My strongest subject in Maths was money and numbers rather than all that shapes and algebra. My IT skills are pretty damn good but my paperwork is so out of date after 10 years and I need up to date useful qualifications. By July I’d completed level one in both subjects and passed with flying colours.
In a couple of weeks I will be starting level two, but I had also wanted to do a course in admin. Why? Because if i’m honest, my dream job since having Little Miss is a nice 9-5 position in an office. I like the organisation and the practicality. I like the idea of having a desk and tasks to do. My dream job would be an admin assistant and there is a course at my local centre.. unfortunately not enough people signed up to do it so it’s not running. Boo hiss.
That’s when I remembered about Pitman Training. A few years back I’d looked up what sort of courses they offered and I’d been intrigued but as I was working more than 40 hours a week back then I just didn’t act on it. There are a few i’d be very interested in such as the Get Into Journalism or Get Into PR, these courses i’d never of thought twice about until I started my blog but now I’m very interested in them! They offer a range of courses on being a Legal Secretary which I’m also more interested in since having the legal system be such a huge part of my life over the last 9 months. But the course that I really want to do is the Admin Assistance Diploma. In fact, I’ve even emailed for some more information because if possible, I’d love to do this along side my evening classes as Pitman offers distance learning. Of course, the financial implications have yet to rear their ugly head but I’m staying positive that this will be possible. 
Have you ever retrained? Did you do it through Pitman Training or go back to University?
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