#211 Autumn Favourites

Now we’re into October, autumn is in full swing. Coffee shops are advertising everything with some form of spice, the Christmas catalogs are released in shops and we close our curtains before the little ones are even in bed! I’ve found myself putting the fire on for a little while every day, putting extra blankets on the bed and even going in to check Little Miss is well covered up while she sleeps. I have no hope of seeing any more summer weather now, this is the first year in a while we haven’t had a real hot spell before it gets cold and yeah I’m sad my sandals are now safely bagged up and put into storage but I also like closing my curtains, curling up under a blanket and burning candles until I go to bed. I like wooly tights and seeing Little Miss in her little beret. I like knowing Christmas is just around the corner and it’s perfectly acceptable to start buying things to give to people. Of course, there are things I don’t like, I don’t like rain meaning i’m stuck in all day with a toddler, I don’t like the fact it’s harder to take blog photos and I don’t like getting out of bed when it’s cold in the morning. But on the whole, I’m happy autumn has arrived. 
Today, I’m sharing some of my favourite autumn products with you. I haven’t cracked any of these out of storage, they’re just scents and colours that appeal to me this time of year. I’m also trying to use stuff up so I can justify Christmas sale shopping. Ha. 

My scent of the season is my bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola. I usually just use it for evenings out but since that rarely happens i’ve been using it a lot more since the weather has turned as I find my other Marc Jacobs perfumes a little bit too summery. Lola is warmer, perfect to combat that cold Autumn wind. You can buy the majority of Marc Jacobs perfumes at a discounted price on Fragrance Direct. A 30ml bottle of Lola will set you back £30.99.
You might remember seeing me talk about L’Occitane’s Honey Whipped Body Cream on my post about my shopping list for the Nottingham Meet, well after I managed to secure myself a tin of the limited edition cream I barely used it! Again only saving it for special occasions because it just smelt too good to use up! However I’ve started using it after an evening bath as it’s just such a comforting smell before bed. The cream itself is very light and doesn’t take long to sink into your skin. Perfect when you’re desperate to get your warm pjs on!

You know that meme “bitches love“? Well my version of it is “bloggers love candles” because lets face it, as a community, we bloody love a candle! My favourite candle is this one by Bakery Fresh, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. It seems so amazing and I’d seriously consider eating it if I wasn’t a smart girl in her mid twenties ha. It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t burn it in the lounge, in case Little Miss gets the urge to climb up and eat it. It actually smells like American style oatmeal raisin cookies. It only cost £8 from my local garden centre and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else! I’m going to cry so much once this has gone, luckily it seems to be a slow burner so it should make me through autumn, a girl can hope anyway!

My favourite lipstick of the moment, and I don’t know how I managed going right through summer without wearing it, is MAC’s Brave Red which has a Cremesheen finish. It’s fantastic for having fab red lips without drying them out, which is so important if you live somewhere like my hometown where you’re constantly battling a salty sea breeze! I reviewed it back in January of this year when I first bought it. I always think it’s such an underrated MAC lipstick, it’s a lovely deep red which I love for Autumn. MAC lipsticks RRP £15.

Last week my mum came home from work with a bottle of The Body Shop’s Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel for me. I used to love this scent but it was discontinued so I was extemely grateful she managed to get this for me. I don’t know about anyone else but any berry scent reminds me of autumn as it brings back great memories of going picking with my grandmother as a child. I have since showered twice with this and I plan on using it in the shower for the rest of autumn. It’s so fresh and fruity, great first thing in the morning.
As I mentioned earlier, I hate the cool air that comes along with autumn.. this is worst first thing in the morning and after baths or showers. I’m also very prone to catching colds in the autumn and winter which usually comes from me catching a chill as I tend to let my hair dry naturally. After the particularly nasty cold I had a couple of weeks back, I’ve made an effort to blow dry my hair. Does anyone else just find that a chore? To minimise the time and as a heat protectant I’ve been using my Lee Stafford Blow Dry You Hair Faster Wonder Spray * that I got in my Nottingham Meet goodie bag way back in April. It helps my hair dry faster therefore my head warmers up quicker and hopefully I’ll suffer less colds. I’ll try anything! It retails for £6.19 in Boots and you can follow the link to my review.

One of my absolute favourite products over the last few weeks has been the newly released Super Multi-Corrective cream * by Kiehls. I’ve been trialing it and can honestly say, it’s LOVE. My skin looks amazing to the point i’ve been comfortably going without make up and the black circles under my eyes look so reduced. I plan on doing a full review after another week of trialing as I do try to give all products a full month so I can give them an honest review.

Finally, last month when I was in Edinburgh I bought some make up products when Boots has their buy one get one half price on, this included two of Maybelline’s Color Show varnishes in their new Vintage Leather. I had been so impressed over the summer with their version of the popular L’Oreal confetti polish that I thought i’d give these a go having lusted over a leather look polish for a while but I just couldn’t justify the price Nails Inc charged for them! I haven’t been disappointed! This teal is a gorgeous colour and they survive mummy duties relatively chip free. Maybelline’s polishes retail for £2.99 which is my idea of a total bargain!

What products have you been loving this autumn?
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