#212 Reads for the Weekend // Nine

Just a quick one tonight. In all honesty I wasn’t going to blog tonight but I really want to keep up my Reads for the Weekend as I really enjoy sharing my favourite posts, and despite the lack of comments, I hope you all enjoy having a read through them. 
Tomorrow is my grandfather’s birthday, my grandfather who is ill. He’s home from the hospital but he isn’t much better and is depressing us all with his fatalist attitude. The doctors see no reason why he can’t fight this but he is choosing not to take medication. SO to cheer him up (and my Nanny who will no doubt be playing host to his stream of visitors tomorrow) I’m baking a traditional victoria sandwich. Despite not being the most amazing things to look at, my cakes are sort of famous within the family for tasting good, so no pressure ha. I’m also sort of addicted to New Girl.. it took me long enough! 
Anyway, it’s nearly bedtime hour so without further a do, my favourite reads from the past week. 
Firstly I guest posted over on two blogs this week! Firstly on Erica’s blog Being Erica (which I mentioned I would be doing last week) my amazing roasted vegetable and goats cheese lasgane is up there for you all to see, it’s one of my favourite recipes yet! Then the other day I also guest posted on Tor’s blog That’s Peachy about being a mother. Both wonderful blogs for your to check out! 
Last Saturday I attended a Murder Mystery over at my best friend’s house. I ended up pretty drunk fast due to being able to relax without worrying about playing mum so I didn’t take any photos this time, but Bee has blogged about it over on her blog Journeys are my Diary. She also blogged about how she made her own dress, which is such an achievement with it being a medieval set Hamlet! 
Another of my best friend’s Kariss wrote a fantastic post that won her £200 in Atticus vouchers! It’s about her fashion sense through the years featuring Atticus of course. She’s only recently started her blog but she’s doing well and posting often. Great if you like an alternative read, as she’s pretty alternative herself. Her blog is Shy, Strange & a Little Bit Manic, she’s looking for a redesign if anyone wants to take it on as a charity case?
This week Emma of Not Your Average blogged some fantastic tips about saving money when Christmas shopping online. I do 98% of my Christmas shopping online as there are so few shops in my home town so this was a great little read! Every little helps when you have a Little one and a large family to buy for! 
Another of my gorgeous North East friends Chloe shared some of her holiday outfits over on her blog Chloe Witty. The lucky duck hasn’t been back from her holiday that long! She’s still sharing photos from her trip and it looks like she had a lovely time. She has such an effortless style and I’m envious of her hair. My favourite outfit is definitely the printed trousers cami combo! Later on in the week she shared the second part of her outfits on holiday. I love the ASOS dress! She also has a Ravenclaw badge on her page, WIN!
I got a mention on Sara’s blog Pretty in Pink this week on her blog post about all her blogger friends, awww! Her blog is another very touching posts about all the friends she’s made through her blog. I really love these share the love posts, it’s great to feel like you have made an impact on someone’s life before you’ve even met! Hopefully I’ll get to see her some day soon!
The recipe i’m sharing this week is from over at Love From Kelly, it’s called Slutty Brownies.. I mean how can I NOT share a recipe called that? These brownies also have OREOs in and look completely decadent! I shall be trying these at some point when I have someone over who can share them with me because otherwise I’ll eat them all myself and they don’t look particularly calorie or fat free hah. 
Finally, it would of been wrong not to mention the heartbreaking post written by my lovely friend Alice over at Tea & Lead. It’s been a year since she was in a hit & run accident that has really affected her life and she bravely blogs about her experience with post traumatic stress disorder, something I also experienced. Alice has come so far from last year and even though I’ve only known her since March, I am so proud of her!
And that’s it, I’ll leave you with this image that always makes me laugh when it pops up on pinterest. I’m sorry if you don’t appreciate the swears.
Happy Friday!
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