#215 Shopping Spotlight – Bits and Bows Boutique

WARNING, this is an outfit post.. and we all know how dreadful I look in outfit posts. I really can’t decide if it’s because my camera is rubbish, my tripod isn’t tall enough, I have no good lights, I’m rubbish or I’m just not photogenic. But anyway, here are some rubbish photos as ever. In January I am going to take a proper camera course and hopefully by then I’ll be able to afford a DSLR to take with my to class. But for today… I have more photos that do not justify the lovely dress. The outfit is completely Jess Day of New Girl inspired, as I’m currently addicted to that show. My dad even commented when I wore this how I looked like a primary school teacher so I guess I achieved the look! I also think I look how I imagine Disney’s Snow White to look if she was vommed up into modern day. Yes, we’re talking yellow, blue and red. 
The dress was handmade by the lovely Sarah who blogs over at Not Just Bits and Bows. She also runs a boutique called Bits and Bows. I’ve been following her for a long time on Instagram, always in awe of the fantastic designs she creates. So when she offered bloggers the chance to have something to review, it’s safe to say I jumped at it. After discussing over email what sort of thing i’d like (something cute, short that would hide my post baby lumps and bumps) and in what size, then she set to work. The next thing I know this dress arrived in the post for me, along with a lovely Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace and sweets, all beautifully gift wrapped up!

Gift Package c/o Bits and Bows *

The dress fitted like a dream! I have taken a wee while to get this up because of the fact a) I suck at outfit posts and b) I originally wanted to style it with my grey chunky cardigan but my sister has taken it for her own and I’m yet to get it back! So instead I decided to go Snow White style with a little blue cardigan, tan belt, black tights, my t-bar shoes from Topshop and some red lipstick. The dress is such a flattering fit to the point I actually looked really good in it! I wore it to lunch with my parents, sister and her boyfriend and I ended up feeling really good about myself.. aside from the messy hair. It’s a wonder what a good dress can do for you! Normally I don’t ever wear yellow so I don’t already own anything yellow, making this a welcomed addition to my wardrobe.

Bits and Bows Boutique offers a huge selection of different styles and an even bigger selection of material! Sarah is absolutely wonderful to work with and was constantly keeping me up to date on my order. I know where I’m going should I need a unique dress for a special occasion! Bits and Bows Boutique is also offering a huge host of Christmas gifts and accessories now, I already have my eye on a few bags!
Thank you so much Sarah for my dress, I feel honored to be able to wear a Bits and Bows Original!

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