#217 Reads for the Weekend // Ten

Doing this Reads for the Weekend feature on my blog really shows me how time flies! It honestly feels like five minutes since I was writing this last week and I can’t believe i’m onto my tenth installment. This has been a bit of an emotional week this week, my uncle went back to America but we’ve thankfully got some answers to my grandfather’s illness so fingers crossed he can be given the right treatment now. I’ve been keeping myself afloat with plans for Paris, and 2014 adventures. I haven’t been sleeping well either but this could be to do with the New Girl marathon i’ve been on! I’m just about caught up now. It’s definitely been over a year since I had so many good shows to watch, Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon a Time, Revolution, New Girl, Great British Bake Off and last night night Once Upon a Time in Wonderland started so I’ve added that to my viewing list then a week on Sunday The Paradise is back on with the dreamy Emun Elliott. I’ve also been sewing like a maniac, making my costume for Bee‘s Halloween murder mystery. It’s become a nice little project for me as I never really do anything crafty. 
Anyway, onto some of the great posts I’ve been reading this week! I recently purchased an iPad, I want to say it’s mainly to help reduce the stress of taking Little Miss places and to help with the potty training but we all know it’s for me because who doesn’t shop when they’re having a bad day? ANYWAY it has made reading blog posts so much easier and more enjoyable than using my phone and taking my laptop up and down the stairs.. because it’s not a small laptop. I just wanted to throw that out there.
This week the lovey Megan celebrated her first year in blogging with a run down of everything that happened to her through her blog, Thumbelina Lillie this year. It was a lovely read and Megan has done so well being shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award! Her outfit posts are really a thing of beauty and she’s such a sweet girl.
Clare of A Bit of This and That shared a video tag this week called “Beauty Things I Suck At” I normally don’t enjoy watching videos but this one really made me laugh as despite often blogging about beauty there is still a lot of things I do beauty wise that would be frowned up in the beauty blogger community. It’s nice to know i’m not the only one!
I LOVED Alice’s post on The Time Traveler’s Wife book this week on her blog The Cup and Saucer. It’s one of my absolute favourite book, I know all my favourite quotes off be heart and it’s one of those books I’d say had an impact on my life which appears to be the same for Alice. It’s so beautifully written and your life isn’t complete until you read it!
Once again, my favourite outfit post of the week has come from Amy of The Girl in The Bowler Hat. It’s probably because I totally covet her wardrobe but she is also damn good to photograph! This week her style is Goth, and she bloody suits it! I still see a bit of floral in there though! She’s had a tough time lately and I feel rubbish that I can’t make her birthday next week due to having no babysitter. Typical life.
On Scarlett Fashion this week Karen has been exploring different trends, so far we’ve had Indie and my favourite was her post on Vintage style. I love vintage inspired fashion so for me this is a great read. She has posted some gorgeous photos of some dress I’m now lusting after, she has a way of doing this to me! I’m looking forward with what style Karen blogs about next!
This week on Future Freaks Me, Jodie explored her fancy dress history. It gave me a laugh to see everyone has done the pirate & school girl ones for university! But I was super jealous that along with a friend Jodie went as Velma and Daphne, I’ve always wanted to be Daphne for something! Also, Jane Jetson? That is a pretty damn cool costume idea!
Finally, my favourite read of the week has been Ella’s post on being a material girl on her blog Hello Ella. A lot of what she had to say in the post rang true with me, I am materialistic but since having my daughter I do make sure she has everything she could ever want before I’d ever buy anything for myself. It’s such a great thought provoking read.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this! Have a nice weekend.
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