#218 Biotherm Blue Therapy Night Serum-In-Oil Review

These days I feel there is so much more emphasis on using anti aging products from a young age but I have to admit I never even considered it until I started blogging last year. I think the main reason for this is because my mum doesn’t, she swears only by Nivea Soft and Johnsons Clean & Clear. That is the extend of her beauty regime and I have to admit, she doesn’t look bad for 52. Unfortunately, since becoming a single parent, or simply a parent, I have noticed that I look tired all the time, actually the only word to describe how I look when I don’t have my face caked in make up is, haggard. So for the past year I’ve been on the hunt for some kind of holy grail in face creams. Until the end of August I had no such luck, then along came two products at once! Combined these products have improved my skin so much I feel confident wearing no make up! Which is a bloody miracle really and a Godsend as most days I don’t even have time to brush my hair let alone put make up on. Today I’m reviewing the first of these two products, Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Night Serum-In-Oil*
Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-In-Oil 30ml RRP £44 *
Until I was sent this product to review, I had never heard of Biotherm. As ever with a new company or product, I did my research. I can never be too careful due to having such sensitive skin, some products that are marked “All Skin Types” often completely destroy my skin. Luckily from what I read Biotherm seemed to be pretty sensitive skin aware so after a skin test, I was ready to roll. 
For anyone else who has never heard of Biotherm as a company; Biotherm is a luxury French (so I guess I’ll be stocking up in Paris) skincare company that is owned by the beauty giants L’Oreal.  The products are formulated with a unique spa ingredient from Thermal Spa Water. Sounds all too technical for my liking, I’m just relishing in it’s fantastic effects!

What appeals to me most about this product is the fact that it’s not like other face oils. From what I’ve seen on twitter and other beauty blogs, face oils are the be all and end all of holy grail skincare products but from the ones i’ve tried, I’ve been very disappointed. I’ve had grease all over my pillows, terrible break outs, peeling skin.. it’s just been gross. I’ve not enjoyed any good effects from them, until Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum-In-Oil. For starters, it has a pump, it’s less liquid-y and it applies as a serum rather than an oil. Before I’ve even put it onto my skin I’m giving it a big thumbs up. I only need two pumps for there to be enough to cover my whole face. In the 6 weeks i’ve been using it i’ve not even used a fifth of the bottle. 

I’ve been using the products every other night on my face. I remove my make up, tone then apply this. It sinks straight into my skin as an oil would but it’s not sticky or greasy in fact the best word to describe it is silky. It’s lightweight too which is hugely important for my sensitive skin. I have suffered no break outs, no under the skin spots, no dry patches. The next morning my skin looks brighter, and I swear my dark circles look like they’ve gone into hiding. It doesn’t have barely any scent too which is something else that’s important to me as anything heavily scented on my face at night usually keeps me awake. I feel like using it every other night is enough for me. The only thing I have to say about this product (apart from the hefty price tag of course) is it’s in no way moisturising so if you’re looking for an anti aging moisturiser, this isn’t it. However I do think it works wonders and my skin looks a lot less dull, in fact, I think for the first time since I fell pregnant I look like I have the skin of a twenty five year old (I never reached that “glow” stage of pregnancy, sucks to be me!).

Overall, yes I do feel this product is one of those “oh my gosh, how much?” products but for once, I think it does warrant the price tag and I would even be interested in trying more of the Biotherm Blue Therapy range. I think it’s an excellent young persons anti aging product because after all, prevention is much easier to achieve than trying to reverse the skin aging process!

Have you started using any anti aging products? Which ones do you swear by?
This product was sent to me to review. All views are my own and have not been swayed by the company or branding.


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