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It’s come to that time of year again where people start thinking about Halloween costumes, for me it’s been a long time since I personally had to think of my own Halloween costume. Last year I had Little Miss who was dressed as a very cute make shift pumpkin fairy, the year before I was heavily pregnant. Before that I went through a phase of following the Mean Girls “slut” rule, back then I very much had the body for it so it’s been quite a while since I dressed up for Halloween in more than a pair of animal ears from Claires. Thankfully I didn’t have to really put my imagination to use as far as deciding what to be was concerned as I’m attending a Halloween themed Murder Mystery party which is being thrown by Bee so I was given a character (although I’ll admit that I did have some say in who). Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know this is the 4th murder mystery party I’ll have attended this year, and each time I have been so freaking excited by my part (Alice (of the Wonderland fame), Snow White, Ophelia (from Hamlet).) This time is no exception, I got the part of Poison Ivy, which has always been someone I’ve considered dressing up for when it comes to Halloween but I have never liked the available costumes and I’ve never wanted to attempt to make my own, until now.
As soon as I knew I had the role of Poison Ivy, I was straight on my laptop searching the net for a costume. Unfortunately, what was available to me really wasn’t the sort of thing I’d feel comfortable wearing since having Little Miss. It’s no secret that I do still like to get my legs out because they’re one of the few areas of my body unravaged by motherhood, but I knew there was no way anyone could even pay me to wear the costumes I found for Poison Ivy. 
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I really don’t think I’m capable to pull off “sexy” anything these days so rather waste a lot of money (because these costumes are not cheap!) on something i’d feel bloody awful in all evening especially when I can’t get my usual drunk self, I’d attempt to put together my own. This was mainly inspired by Bee & Nat making their own costumes for the Hamlet Murder Mystery, Bee even blogged about it on Journeys are my Diary. Of course there is no pattern for a Poison Ivy costume, I was always going to have to be making it up as I was going along. Besides, I haven’t the faintest idea how to use a sewing machine!
First thing I did was look for a green dress online. I knew I wanted a dark green one, preferably lace as that would give the illusion of extra leaves as I was working on a time scale of less than a month. After a worrying couple of days waiting for one to come back in stock on the Missguided website, I won a perfect on in an auction on eBay, it was £7.50 posted. Then I ordered a couple of packs of material ivy leaves and borrowed my mum’s sewing box so I could make a start as soon as they arrived. I decided I’d give the gloves a miss as I have really short fingers and I usually just buy children’s gloves to fit them, I knew there wasn’t going to be anyway to find some elbow length gloves that fitted them. I also decided against a mask as it would be pretty annoying to read my part with it on, plus I was worried the synthetic leaves might irritate my face. So instead I’ve gone with some ombre tights and I think I’ll wear my little black lace wedge boots. I considered buying some green knee high boots and boycotting the tights but being practical I knew i’d never wear them again, the tights however, I possibly would.
Tonight, I thought i’d share the progress i’ve made on my dress with you. I thought sewing 200 leaves onto a dress would put me off this costume making malarkey forever but instead it’s given me the designing and making bug! I would love to be able to make or customise all my clothes and it’s made me question whether or not I would of liked to have done a fashion design course at university, like the one ran by Middlesex University. It’s now in my pile in possible career directions should accountancy lead to a dead end. Anyway, with my dress, I think I’ve done pretty well for a complete amateur! 
I’m 3/4s of the way through my 200 high pile of leaves and I think it’s starting to take shape. Yeah it’s the wrong style for Poison Ivy, I definitely won’t be showing off any cleavage but that’s my life these days. I’m still unsure what i’m going to do with my hair, luckily it’s red without the use of a wig but I should probably stick some ivy leaves in it somewhere. I also plan on having awesome eye make up clashing with the all important bright red lips. And I think that will be me. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone again, we always have such a good laugh. 
Overall, it’s been very time consuming and I often get hand cramp which is bloody painful but it’s also being sort of relaxing to sit and pop on a tv show and mindlessly sew leaves to a dress by hand. I’ve managed to watch the whole of New Girl up to date and now I’m starting on Desperate Housewives. It’s definitely been worth it just for the comfort in knowing I’ll feel good about wearing my costume rather than the ones readily available online. I promise this time I’ll take enough photos to blog about the night and hopefully show off the finished costume.
Have you any plans for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?
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