#223 Reads for the Weekend // Eleven

I was just saying to my mum yesterday that since I’ve started Reads for the Weekend it’s really shown me how fast the weeks fly in. It just seems like yesterday since last Friday. I’ve had a pretty quiet week this week which has been great as I’m suffering from insomnia at the moment. Tomorrow I’m off to Edinburgh (I won’t be buying a thing, I have zero in my current account) with the family as my parents cannot babysit Little Miss for me so I could attend other things, they have friends visiting this weekend as my dad is off until Wednesday. Next week is going to be such a busy week! Ordering euros, buying insurance, finishing my Murder Mystery costume and packing. I’m so excited for next weekend as it’s the start of six exciting days!
Anyway, my first blog birthday giveaway ended during the night. I can’t believe it’s been a month already since my blog turned one! So many fantastic opportunities have risen in the past month which have come from my blog which is so exciting and overwhelming! I’m on a tangent again! So the first thing I did this morning was pick the winner… Congratulations to Issy! I’ll be contacting you later on today for your details to get your prize sent out next week! 
Now onto my favourite blog posts from the last week. I hope you all find a new blog to enjoy!
I am SO glad Ella put this recipe for a delicious looking red velvet cake on her blog Hello Ella as i’ve been desperate to know how to make it myself since she posted photos on Instagram. Red velvet cake is one of my absolute favourites but I usually just make it from a Betty Crocker recipe as I can never make it from scratch without it tasting like crap (especially the icing!) I will be having a good at baking this when I have my cousins over next week at some point. 
Rhiannon was so brave putting a bare face photo of herself up in her Make Up vs No Make Up post on The Sparkly Panda this week. I personally think she looks great without it, especially as she has two small children! Although I think her eye make up does look fab, she really suits the eyeliner. Also she uses so few bits of make up to achieve a really lovely look.
This week on One Little Vice, Angelica shared her tips for going from Hungover to Heroine in 60 Minutes. I loved the tips and I will be trying them next time I’ve had a little too much to drink (December at the earliest). It was really helpful and I wish I’d used them during my university years, I bet I could of taken so much more in during my lectures!
As if I wasn’t already getting into the festive spirit (and I really am!) Chelsea posted her C in her A-Z of Me series and it was for Christmas on Love in Modern Life. I loved her DIY ideas for Christmas, especially the fact she got her son a box of balloons! My daughter would love that! I also loved the photos, Christmas is such a personal experience for everyone and I love reading other peoples Christmas stories and traditions. 
Someone else who has started the A-Z of Me series is Ashleigh. She started with A being for Ashleigh and all about her name this week on her blog 25 to 30. It was a post I really enjoyed as I’m a sucker with finding out the history behind a name. In fact, I like to keep a list of my favourite names, it used to be for role play purposes but now it’s just for fun. It did give me a slight giggle that she thinks she suits Olivia more.. for well, obvious reasons.
As always, Becky shares a really thought provoking post on her blog Becky Bedbug, this time it’s about shopping savvy in Lush. It’s something I realised a while back after Lush stopped their 10% off vouchers in their gift boxes (which was the only reason I bought them) it works out better value for money to buy separately. I love Lush but I also love getting the most out of my money. 
My favourite post of the last week was Sara’s Hunting for Witches OOTD for Tesco’s #Glamourween on her blog Pretty In Pink. The outfit she put together is awesome, in particular the hat! I also think the final photo of her looking very green and very much like Theodora from The Great and Powerful Oz. Definitely the best outfit from the past week that’s turned up on my dash.
Finally, one of my favourite blogs Gingerbread Buttons by the beautiful Libby, turned one this week! Libby wrote a lovely post about her first year as a blogger and it was nice to see some old blog posts popping up again. Good luck for you second year Libby, I’ll be reading!
And that’s that! Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I know I will!
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