My Ambition in Life is… To Do Disney Cosplay

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “that’s my ambition in life” tossed around a few times, I know I say it quite often, sometimes in jest and sometimes in all seriousness. Last night at the height of my lack of sleeping, I decided I’d turn this phrase into a new series on Cocktails in Teacups. I was going to go for the “A to Z of” series that has been doing the rounds (and I may still do it one day) but in usual Amy style I thought i’d go for something a bit different, this is where “My Ambition in Life is” comes in. It will be a series of posts going into details on some of the big and some of the small things I wish to accomplish in my life. It will go along side my “101 Things in 1001 Days” challenge that i’ve been doing since January (look out for an update really soon!)
I thought i’d start the series off with something lighthearted. Even though it’s lighthearted it is still something I want to do so badly, and my life will not be complete until I’ve done it. I know there will be a lot of the general public screaming silently “oh my gosh that is so dumb” but for me and the majority of my friends this would be a dream come true. Actually, I’m sure it’s a common life ambition throughout the blogosphere! I’m talking about, Disney Cosplay
Disney, has been mentioned a number of times on my blog but if you’re a new reader, I’ll quickly fill you in. I love Disney, I have done since I was a very small child and it became one of the few things that I could bond with my dad over. It’s probably became a band aid to our very rocky relationship. It’s something I’ve also introduced my daughter to early. It’s just magical and I believe in magic. I think this idea of writing about my obsession with Disney Cosplay came to light when I received my daughter’s Sofia the First dress yesterday in the mail, she’s getting it off of Father Christmas. All last night I became obsessed with the idea of having a Disney Cosplay 30th birthday party. Please remember i’m talking four and a half years away! If I was going to do it, I’d want everyone to make the effort. No half arse costumes, I’d want them all to really throw themselves into it. I’ve found amazing group shots on Pinterest that I thought i’d share.

And that’s just a few! My favourite one is the villains, although personally, I wouldn’t dress up as a Disney villain. If I was going to do it I’m going to be a princess, obviously. Also, anyone in attendance of my party would have to say up front who they’re going to be as I wouldn’t want duplicates! It would completely throw off my dream of a perfect group shot! Now I’m starting to sound like a spoilt child, ha. 
Then there is the decision on who I would like to be. My favourite Disney females are Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron, Wendy from Peter Pan and Meg from Hercules.. then my favourite Princesses are Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle.. HOWEVER I always like Snow White too, just not in the movie because she really grates on me (I love the story though). Huge choice for dressing up purposes! Anyway, after some deliberation I’ve decided I’d go for Ariel if my sister wasn’t in attendance, because if she was she’d have to be Ariel.. that is her life ambition. And if she was, Rapunzel. Thinking on it, they’re probably interesting choices because of the fact Ariel and Rapunzel are often compared, in fact I’m pretty sure Ariel WAS the inspiration for Rapunzel! 
If I was going as Ariel, I wouldn’t need to dye my hair (at the moment anyway) but I think i’d have to boycott the tail and go for the blue dress when she spends the day with Prince Eric in his kingdom. You can generally find reasonably priced cosplay dresses for Disney on eBay, I say reasonably but what I mean is £80 and up. As for Rapunzel, I actually found a costume for under £40, it’s her iconic purple dress and it actually doesn’t look too bad of quality. Then I’d just need a long blonde wig and a frying pan! 
As you can tell, I’ve thought about this long and hard. I really hope this is one ambition in life I can do!
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