Reads for the Weekend // Twelve

Oh what a week! It’s been so long since I went away abroad that I’d forgotten how much you have to remember! Usually I just go stay with friends in this country so I don’t need to worry about anything electrical, all my friends have iPhones/Pads and they all have plug sockets. Also tying up loose ends, making sure after i’ve got my euros I still have enough money in my bank for all my direct debts coming off at the start of the month. I also want to make sure I spend a lot of my time with Little Miss as even though I’m so excited about going to Paris, I feel terrible leaving her behind. Luckily at the back of my mind I know she’s getting a dream holiday next year so that usually keeps the guilt at bay. As of Saturday morning at 9am I’ll be leaving the house and I won’t be back until Thursday. I also need to make sure I have everything for Paris packed and ready to pick up on Sunday as I have two hours between my trains. To say I’m stressed already is an understatement!
It’s not been all bad. Last Saturday my parents allowed Little Miss and I to come on their trip to Edinburgh, we had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe and had a couple of hours of shopping so I picked up some last minute bits in Primark. Little Miss was so well behaved but I think this was due to Mickey Mouse on my iPad. Sunday I spent some time with my grandparents, Monday was big food shop day and then Tuesday night was the Great British Bake Off final and my sister came over to dye my hair (just need it cut now!) I also baked the best cake of my life, it’s just a simple Victoria sandwich but it’s perfect. I’ll put the recipe up at some point. Wednesday I had my accountancy class, Thursday I spent some time with my mum which brings us up today when all I’ve done is blogged like crazy. 
Anyway, before I ramble anymore, here are my blog post picks by other bloggers over the past week.

At the beginning of the week (well the beginning of the week since my last Reads for the Weekend) Juliet showed off the most amazing yellow raincoat on her blog Ever So Juliet. I’ve already added it to my eBay wishlist for when I get back from Paris. There were also photos of her gorgeous kitty in the post, so if the outfit photos with the awesome £23 coat in it don’t entice you to read, the offer of a cat will!

Normally DIY’s stop me from reading (mainly because i’m jealous I have the inability to make anything myself) but this week I loved this DIY Brand Necklace Organiser over on Floral and Feather. It looks so gorgeous and unique, and the best part, I think even I could manage to make it!

This week on Being Erica, Erica reviewed Bossy Pants, Tina Fey’s autobiography that seemingly inspired Mean Girls to an extent. I’ve been desperate to review this since I was addicted to 30 Rock earlier on this year. I hadn’t heard of anyone else reading it and I like to read reviews of books/products/stores by people I know so I was pleased to see this popping up on Erica’s blog.

I really loved Katy of Sirens and Bells‘ blog post on Why Do You Wear Make Up? It is a really well thought out post and it was nice to see the reason’s Katy felt she needed to wear make up. Since having my daughter i’ve broke old make up habits due to just not having time to do a full face of make up every day. If I could, I still would and I guess that shows I’m far too insecure for my own good.

Once again my favourite post of the week goes to Ashleigh of 25 to 30, she has a habit of writing serious thought provoking posts (for all the right reasons I can assure you!) This week it’s about Gender Inclusive Toys. Smart and entertaining to read as usual but very informative! Definitely worth a read for anyone, not just parents.

Last but not least, Steph has shared 27 Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Parent just as her little boy is about to turn one next week! I agreed with so many of these things and had a good laugh about others. A really entertaining read that any parent will understand if they have just completed their first year of parenting! 

I’m going to leave you with Hayley’s list of what she wants to do in Paris next week as this is my last non scheduled post for a week! I’ll see you all next week! x
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