A Chillaxed Night In with Goodfellas *

For me, Friday was incredibly stressful. Despite not leaving the country until Monday, Friday had that day before going away feel. I had a lot of work stuff to do, as well as my own blog maintenance, packing, cleaning as well as entertaining Little Miss. I had set aside the whole day up until Little Miss’ bedtime at 7pm for all of that stuff. I’ve already been struggling to sleep so I didn’t want to be rushing around right up to my bedtime because I knew that my brain would still be making lists until past 4am, which would suck when I had to be up the house by 9am. My sister had promised to come over and sort my eyebrows for me as I’d purposely let them grow in so I could have the plucked to perfection for my trip. I promised her in return I’d feed her. 
Goodfella’s a while back were running a campaign for a chilled night in with friends and I was lucky enough to be sent a huge box of goodies to have a great night in, supposedly with my friends. Since none of my friends lived around here I thought it would be nice to spend some time with my sister, kid free. It arrived in huge box, which if you’ve seen my Instagram feed you’ll know Little Miss is still getting pleasure out of it. Inside was another box wrapped with a big ribbon and it was filled with some awesome goodies! 

Inside there was a voucher for a complimentary Goodfellas Extra Thin pizza, two bottles of wine; one red and one white (I gave the red one to my parents as a thank you for having Little Miss while i’m in Paris). A fancy looking cork screw, a pizza stone and cutter, two lily flame candles, a disposable camera and a chill out CD. Everything was very well packaged so I’m pleased to report no breakages! When I next went to Tesco’s I used my voucher to get the mozzarella and pesto pizza and on Friday I popped the wine in the fridge and the pizza in the oven shortly before my sister arrived so we could get stuck in as soon as she arrived.

I didn’t use everything in the pack, as I mentioned before I gifted my parents the red wine, and since the bottle was a screw top there was no use for the CD. I kept the disposible camera for when I was at my at Bee‘s the following night for a Halloween Murder Mystery. We didn’t listen to the CD either as I wanted to catch up on all my US shows before I went away so we watched them on my laptop while having a bit of a pamper session. I needed it after the week i’ve had! 

The pizza was absolutely delicious, so thin and crispy, just as I liked it. For once I managed no to burn it! I’d definitely buy it again because of the fact it is thin so I can balance it on the top shelf of my very small freezer. The wine complimented it perfectly and it was pretty nice despite being only an “Italian White” (I used to work in a 5* restaurant so I like my wines to be named usually). It was by Blossom Hill though which is at least a brand rather than a supermarkets own! With having a pamper evening we did burn the candles, they are VERY girly, right up my street and have now been relocated to my bathroom which is pink and girly. I love Lily Flame candles and already own three that I have on my window ledge in the kitchen so I was so excited to receive two more. They’re called Powder Puff and Daisy Dip. The pizza stone and cutter was ideal for serving the pizza and made the pizza much easier to cut than when it’s on the plate. I can’t wait to use it again. 

Over all, it was a great night, relaxing and fun to spend time listening to my sisters dribble (she talks utter rubbish sometimes) Nights in really are the way forward now that the nights are coming in faster!
This product was sent to me to review. All views are my own and have not been swayed by the company or branding.
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