In My Handbag – Paris Edition

At the moment i’m in Paris enjoying the city of lights to it fullest (I hope) so I’m busy scheduling a few posts to keep the blog busy while I’m away. All the posts are in some way related to Paris, mainly what I’m taking with me. If any of my readers are like me they will enjoy being nosy. 
Today I’m sharing what I’m taking in my handbag, mainly for the journey as I sure as hell won’t be carting this all around Paris with me every day! I didn’t do the “what’s in my bag” tag that was doing it’s rounds a few months back, mainly because I usually carry so much crap in my bag with having a small child to cater for. And my ol’ faithful Marc B is falling apart already due to once again the amount of rubbish I carry in it! I’ve bought a new, slightly bigger than usual handbag for my trip because a) I like new stuff to take on holiday and b) the inside of my old one is so filthy with crisp and biscuit crumbs (it’s Little Miss’ I swear) that I’d be embarrassed to have to searched at the tourist attractions! As much as I’d love a designer bag, my dream is to own a Marc Jacobs satchel, but until then I’ve settled on a cheap satchel from eBay in a gorgeous burgundy colour, perfect for autumn. It was only £18.99 with free postage and it fits everything I want to take with me in it, it has a nice long strap too which will no doubt cause my dress to ride up! Oh well. 
These photos are terrible quality due to the fact it’s been RAINING ALL WEEK, the lack of light is really telling.
As I mentioned above, the bag was £18.99 from eBay, I love that it has a really cute floral interior. It also has a twist lock and two press studs so I’m hoping that’ll keep everything out of reach of any pickpockets. If you fancy getting one for yourself they come in an assortment of colours. My camera case is also from eBay. I have a big one that fits both my cameras in and my external hard drive, various cables and my battery charger but it wasn’t practical to take with me. This one was £3.99, it fits my camera, the strap and some spare batteries in it. Perfect really. The other bits of technology I’ll be carting over the Channel will be my iPad mini (that red and white polka dot thing), my phone and my portable battery charger, which is another eBay buy. When Alice & Hayley were visiting last month they both had them and I decided one would come in handy for when I’m out and about Instagraming every little thing (because we all know I will).
I know how silly it must look to be taking a book with me when I have an iPad but I just can’t get away with reading a book on a screen! I love to have an actual book and The Mistletoe Bride *, Kate Mosse’s newest book is a wee thing that it would be rude to not take it to read on the Eurostar. I’m also taking my Paris guide book as it comes with a really handy map and will be able to tell us what underground stops to get off at for various things. And my little notebook (that I got in my Summer Swap) is filled with places to visit, I also like to be able to write down notes so I’ll be able to blog all about my trip when I’m back. When I was in Edinburgh last week my mum treated me to the New York passport cover (because lets face it, New York owns my heart) and the blue travel document holder, both from Paperchase as she had a 15% off voucher. The passport cover was £4.50 and the document holder £8 (both before the 15% off).
Then we have the miscellaneous items that I can hardly go without. My London Retro glasses that I reviewed the other day and i’m currently having a love affair with. My purse. Now.. my purse should have a whole post dedicated to it really. Disney Loungefly purses are my Achilles heal.. This one cost near £50 to have it shipped over for the US.. and this is my third one. I had a Snow White one which I used to death, a small Alice in Wonderland one that has now been downgraded to my night out purse as it’s too small for daily use and my Cinderella purse that I currently use. I have three on my eBay watch list, a Minnie Mouse one, a Tinkerbell one and a Little Mermaid one.. and I’m tempted to buy all three in case they stop making them! I love my Disney purse so damn much. Moving on. Head phones, a given. Kalms, just in case I feel a panic attack coming on, I still occasionally get them at the most random of times. Hand gel, a mummy must, even when you don’t have your kid with you. 
Finally, my Marc Jacobs Daisy roll on, fav perfume in a travel form. Easier than taking a bottle. My favourite every day autumn lipstick is Duwup’s Private Plum. I might be taking loads of colours for evening wear but I bet this is the only one I wear during the day, it’s the perfect plum. My Apvita lipbalm, this is my second one as it’s the first lipbalm I’ve ever used the whole of without loosing it. I couldn’t live without it. And finally, my hand mirror. It’s a cute one from the Accessorize sale a few years back. Got to make sure I don’t look a state at the top of the Eiffel Tower, bit rich since I always look a state, especially when someone has a camera out!
There you have it, what’s in my handbag! What do you have to take on holiday in your handbag?

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