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While in Paris i’ve asked a couple of girls to guest blog for me as I no way had enough time to schedule enough posts myself with Little Miss on the go! First up we have the lovely Becki, she is going to give us an insight into being a make up artist!
Hi Guys! So this is my first ever guest post and I want to say a big thank you to Amy here for letting me have a crack at it. I had a couple of ideas as to what I might do for this guest post, and I thought you might all like to know what it is like to be an MUA, what the pro’s and con’s are and over all how the whole thing works. I’m newly qualified so some things I am still learning and others I’ve picked up and am figuring out quite quickly. I passed my course back in July and the first thing I can tell you all is never relying on the school to keep track of anything once you’ve gone. I’m only just about to receive my certificate and portfolio back from the school and to be honest it has been a nightmare. So make sure you get that all important bit of paper through! Then it is on to the kit.
Ah my kit. I love my kit to death, the stuff in it the additions I can make…I spend days looking through Mac and other make-up sites just wondering what I should pick up next. But the thing is, it is your kit. So whilst yes I use the odd thing here and there for myself, it all needs to be kept pristine and perfect and you need to make sure you keep everything stocked up! It is an expensive part of the whole job, you can spend way over £1500 on your kit and still not have everything you want. 
Also brushes, it is fine to use your brushes on yourself if you need to BUT KEEP THEM CLEAN. I have had ONE point where I was asked last minute to come onto a shoot. None of my brushes were clean and I actually didn’t have my kit on me at all, so I had to decline. It lost me a job and portfolio additions so you can imagine how hard I was kicking myself!! 
Lastly, work. It is all about who you know and networking. Get yourself known do a good job and keep asking if there is any work coming up, once you’re known to someone as good and hard working they will recommend you to others in the industry who will then ask you to work, and so on. I’ve recently been put forward by a very good photographer friend of mine to a designer organising a catwalk in February, which he has asked me to be a part of. So fingers crossed that all works out! Once you’ve done some work make sure it goes in your portfolio and that you are credited should it be used elsewhere. This is a must, it gets your name out there and brings in more prospective work for you as an MUA. 
I have found it a constant uphill battle, its hard work and sometimes I feel like a complete waste of space, that I’m no good or that no one wants to hire me. There are always going to be those times, and when people think ‘oh wow you’re a make-up artist that must be fun,’ you kind of want to say – yeah it is when I get work but the fight to get noticed or pulled in anywhere is the toughest struggle you’ll ever come across! I adore my work and I love being a make-up artist, but it isn’t always as easy as everyone thinks, and I think if you want to do it as a profession you need to decide if you can really commit…it can’t be a half pushed project. You need to be ready to pull out all the stops to get where you want to be J but if you want it badly enough…you’ll reach it in no time!

You can keep up to date with Becki through Youtube, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram & her blog. Thank you for the very detailed insight into your job, such a lovely change for my blog!

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