Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment and Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm Products Review

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a better Saturday than I am! I woke up absolutely choked with cold and a cracking headache that didn’t improve with a morning of Disney Junior dvds. By 1pm I was feeling dizzy and nothing was shifting the headache. Luckily Little Miss was crying at everything so I gave in and let her nap simply so I could. Since waking up I haven’t felt much better but I figured I should at least do something. I hope I feel better for tomorrow as I have a bonfire cake to make and some soup as my parents are putting a little firework display on in the garden for Little Miss, my nephew, my sister, her boyfriend and myself. I promised to provide the food. 
Anyway, I thought i’d share a couple of fantastic products i’ve been using for a few weeks from the wonderful people at Neal & Wolf. Having heard how much I loved their Glow Super Shine Spray that I reviewed a few months back they offered to send me Harmony Intensive Care Treatment* I quickly agreed as it’s the product i’ve been dying to try! When the parcel turned up a few days later not only had they been kind enough to send me Harmony, they’d included Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm* informing me the two products go wonderfully together! Beautiful hair, come at me!

Harmony Intensive Care Treatment* RRP £13.50 // Silk Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm* RRP £12.50
First impressions as ever, are good. The bottles look so sleek and professional, I love having them in my bathroom and on my full length mirror. The squeeze bottle for Harmony is perfect when you’re in the bath and shower, it’s easy to dispense the liquid even with wet hands. And because it’s downwards standing it means the product is always ready to go.
Starting with Harmony Intensive Care Treatment. I used this as a hair mask after i’d washed and conditioned my hair. The bottle says it should be massage through hair and leave for 3-5 minutes. As I dye my hair monthly I always leave on for the maximum amount of time. The product can only really be described as angel silk. I love when I first squeeze it into my hand it’s so light weight and smells amazing. It’s incredibly easy to apply to the hair and sinks in instantly. After the five minutes I wash it off and the smell lingers on my hair which I love. I have used these products together and separately as I feel it’s the only way to give a well rounded review. When I use this product on my own my hair definitely feels softer and I haven’t noticed any product build up with it. I can also say the smell lasts even over night. It also gives my hair a great shine which makes it appear a lot more healthy than it is. I use it twice a week and I think I’m going to repurchase it for Christmas.
Moving onto Silk Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm. This product hasn’t had the battering Harmony has because I don’t blow dry my hair more than once a week, sometimes not even that as Little Miss is terrified of the hair dryer. However when I do use Silk my hair doesn’t feel half as dry as it used to after a blow dry, it also appears to be a lot less frizzy. Used on it’s own without Harmony I find my hair seems to be weighted which isn’t a feeling I like much. However when I did use Harmony with it, my hair feels really soft and smooth, even after being straightened. I also don’t need to bother with any serum as my hair as there are no fly aways (the bane of my life!). I probably wouldn’t repurchase this right away because I barely blow dry my hair while Little Miss is at her current age but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with frizz or fly aways post hair drying/straightening. 
Over all, once again I’ve been impressed by Neal & Wolf! I think I’m going to ask for a few more products this Christmas rather than my usual Boots box set, my hair needs a lot of TLC at it’s current length and Neal & Wolf have never let me down! 
Have you tried any Neal & Wolf products yet? 
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