A Taste of Transylville Terror Murder Mystery

So I came back from Paris on Halloween and only had the effort (after taking Little Miss trick or treating around my aunt’s & grandparents houses) to order chinese take out and watch Hocus Pocus followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas. But last Saturday my best friend Bee, threw one of her now famous Murder Mystery parties, Halloween themed but also for our friend Jon’s birthday. It was our fourth this year, however I didn’t manage to write about the previous one which happened to be my favourite! This was because I didn’t take any photos, bit sad about it really! We have a final two already lined up for the next two months, one The Hunger Games inspired and one Christmas inspired, obviously. It’s really a great way to get together and of course to dress up since we’re all a bit too old for dressing up for club nights. 
This time it was a boxed one rather than a one that needed printed off. It also came with a CD which added to the atmosphere (although the woman on it was so freaking annoying, no wonder someone murdered her!). It was based in Transylville which is basically Transylvania so you can imagine the sort of characters that popped up. That was the one thing I didn’t photograph that I wish I had, the costumes were all awesome! I already shared mine a few weeks back while I was in the process of making it here on the blog. But if you head over to Bee’s blog Journey’s Are My Diary you can see everyone’s costumes as she did take photos. 
So here are some of the photos I did take. As usual the decorations were amazing and the food very Halloween-y down to the eyeball in my pumpkin soup! I have shared some candids I managed to snap after everyone had drank some alcohol, for once I was pretty sober! But as ever, it was a bloody good laugh. I apologise in advance for the terrible quality of my photos, I used my old point and shoot which is on it’s last legs!

I can’t really go into the premise without giving too much away. The dinner was to celebrate Morticia and Gomez’s 20th wedding anniversary and one of the guests had been murdered the day before so that was the main topic of discussion since her ghost was haunting us all. It had some pretty good revelations, some hidden smut that as ever we found and exploited to it’s max and the characters were all well linked. If you’re interested in purchasing it, it came from Ace Murder Mystery, and even though all the characters are ones associated with Halloween, it wasn’t based on Halloween so it would be suitable all year around. Great if you don’t really feel ready to put your Halloween decorations away yet!

For the meal as ever Bee put herself out creating three spooky courses, pumpkin soup with eyeballs in (not real eyeballs of course), spooky pasta; one in cheese sauce and one bolognese and cake, lots and lots of cake. She’d made a coffin cake for Jon’s birthday and lots of cupcakes. Part of the excitement is always wondering what Bee’s going to feed us with!

I donated my eyeball to a worthy cause.
And finally some candids and a shot of my outfit (that I hope Bee won’t mind me borrowing). Next time I promise to include lots of photos of everyone elses costumes (after i’ve asked permission of course!) because they really are getting better with each one we do. 
How did you spend your Halloween?
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