A Wednesday Wishlist – Christmas Edition

I’m back! I’m not sure if I was missed or not but I had to take a small unscheduled hiatus due to contracting some horrible cold/flu virus that saw me bed bound for three days. I’m still not 100% but I think I’m well enough to get back to blogging without getting a blinding headache when I stare at the computer screen! Unfortunately I think Little Miss is coming with it now, luckily she seems to have a much better immune system where colds are concerned. I actually catch all the colds! ANYWAY I still have three more Paris related posts to share but I thought I’d take a break from it and share my fictional Christmas list with you all. I say fictional because it’s highly unlikely I’ll get any of these for Christmas as once you have kids, they are the ones who receive the gifts from your own parents, not you. From my parents i’ve asked for a bottle of Marc Jacob’s Honey, some Lush and Once Upon a Time Season 2.
Anyway, maybe I’ll come into some money to be able to buy myself some of these gifts! A girl can dream! 
Starting at the top Lord & Berry Active Spa Lipbalm & Neutral Lipliner Set on ASOS for £12. I know this might seem like a bit of a dull one but in winter I always have problems with chapped lips. This spa lipbalm seems like it would be great for keeping my lips moisturised and the fact it’s clear means it won’t affect any lip colour I add on top. I love a clear lipliner because it’s so versatile and can be worn with any lip colour, I’d rather have one universal pencil than have multiple for each lipstick I own. This set is a bit of a bargain at £12! 
I love a good list so back in September when I came across this Listography Future book in Urban Outfitters for £11.99 I was pretty excited. Not only is it rather cute, it would be something I’d enjoy filling it. It gives you topics and room to make a list, for example “List People You’d Love to Meet” I just really love the concept and I think it would make such a great gift, I might even add it into one of my gift guides I’m busy putting together.
Although I do love my indulgent bathing, I really can’t go past Soap & Glory (or Lush for that matter but I’ve asked my parents for some). Mainly because I never want to use up my indulgent bathing where as Soap & Glory I use daily. It’s currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so these are the three products i’m currently coveting; Whipped Clean Shower Butter £8, Daily Smooth Body Butter £8, The Daily Soothe Bath Float £8. I’m definitely intrigued by the bath float which is one of their newer products. I completely blame one of my besties, Jess for this obsession. 
I’m not a huge jewellery person at the moment due to being very hands on in raising my daughter, I worry so much about her breaking or me catching something on her. Unless i’m away for a few days I just don’t put any jewellery on, occasionally if I’m going out I’ll wear my Pandora bracelet but that’s it. However, when I was looking at charms I’d like in the future for my bracelet, I came across this beautiful Pandora Princess Tiara Ring from John Greed for £40. It’s right up my street and reminds me of my favourite jewellery store on Etsy, I could make a list in itself of things I’d love from there!
As everyone knows, I love to take photos. But what I love more is having photos printed out, but it’s just so expensive these days! I like the idea of having instant photos especially on special occasions and that’s why I fell in love with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 in White on Amazon for £47.88. It’s so cute and compact, I’d love to have instant memories, because hey, that’s what photos are! Memories. It would be great to take to Bee‘s Murder Mystery parties, or for Little Miss’ birthday, or even to take on holiday and because it’s so compact it wouldn’t take up as much room as an old Polaroid!
The Paradise series 2 just started on BBC and it’s one of my favourite TV shows, it’s based on a book The Ladies Paradise by Emile Zola and you can buy it on Amazon for £6.29. Although I’m trying not to buy anymore books at the moment as I have so many on my to read shelf and I just don’t have the time to read at the moment, I really want this one! 
My favourite pick on the Space NK website is the NARS Promiscuous Lip Pencil set for £30. I’ve been desperate to try some of the NARS lip pencils for a while and this seems like a bargain for five mini pencils and a case for less than the cost of two full size pencils! It also looks like it’s a nice selection of colours. Again this might make it onto one of my gift guides, it’s just such a lovely gift.
I am a Yankee Candle addict but all mine are coming to the end of their lives through my obsessive burning! I’d love a few new ones for Christmas because at on average the big ones are almost £20 a pop and I just can’t justify that for a candle. I love the smell of the Honey and Spice one and I’ve found a large jar on Yankee for £14.99 which is actually a good deal. It’s a really warming scent, perfect for those cold winter nights! 
Finally, even though I only have three, I would love to collect Disney Tradition ornaments, two of my best friends already do and I know, Kariss especially has way more than I do but it’s just not something I’d buy myself. I’d especially love the Snow White Once Upon a Time Storybook one, as I do like all things Snow White. I think the idea of the book is just gorgeous, but at almost £40, it’s very unlikely i’d get it. I can keep wishing though, huh? 
So that’s my fictional Christmas list! What are you asking or wishing for this Christmas?
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