John Lewis Outdoor Light Product Review

This is a long overdue review but because of the fact some jobs really do just need a man, and if my dad’s busy.. I’m sort of short of having a man to help me out. In the past few months my dad has been constantly busy, first it was traveling back and forward to visit my grandfather in hospital, then I was away and then he’s been away. He’s only off Saturdays and Sundays meaning he tries to cram a weeks worth of activities into two days. Anyway, what i’m trying to say, sometimes you need a man around especially when it comes to certain things in the house.
Like wielding a drill for example!
Anyway, a few months back when my anxiety was at it’s highest and I couldn’t sleep for fear my ex was lurking around every corner.. Then I was sent a motion sensor outdoor light* that I’ve put in my back garden. This has been a godsend since it started to get dark early.
John Lewis Harris PIR Sensor Half Lantern in Cream* RRP £45

Fixture requires plugs which is beyond my DIY capabilities!
For starters, I love the design. It fits in perfectly with everything about my house, it looks like a lantern and when it’s on it reminds me a but of the lamp in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. As soon as I took it out of the box I knew it was durable. It feels heavy (which is another reason why I want my dad drilling in the brick work to fix it onto the wall) which can only be a positive in something that’s going to be used outside. You can tell it’s good quality, which against the bitter north wind is vital. But the best part? It looks good. Some outdoor lights just look like an eyesore, this one looks so sleek.
As my dad as of yet hasn’t been able to hang it for me, I’ve had it sat in my small pantry window so I can still use it. It’s been great for when it’s started to get dark at 4pm but I’ve still had to empty bins, take dirty nappies out etc. It’s motion sensor and powered by sunlight. During the day it takes in sunlight which allows it to work at night. It also means the light isn’t blinding, another bonus but it would alert me should anyone be sneaking around my back garden, which you can’t access without going through the house or climbing the fence. It really has put my mind at rest as far as my anxiety goes. Even though it is solar powered, don’t fret! It still works the nights where the weather has been miserable!
My only complain is obviously the fact I haven’t been able to hang it myself. It will take a rather large powerful drill to hang it on the brickwork which is obviously something I can’t use myself. Apart from that it’s been a wonderful addition to my back garden and especially helpful since the weather turned cold. 
For the dark nights and dark days ahead, I definitely recommend getting a motion sensor light, especially if you’re living alone like I do. Yes, sometimes the neighbours cat sets it off but a simple peek around the curtain can allow me the chance to check if it’s a furry friend or an intruder!
What do you do to help you feel safe in your own home?
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