Paris City Break Haul

I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I came back from Paris already and we’re over half way through November! I’m already planning like hell for my trips next year, 2014 is definitely going to be the year of some major exploration, Paris really gave me the bug! I want to give Little Miss so many experiences, ones I never got to have as a child and that includes seeing some parts of the country. I’m so lucky to have friends all over the shop who are willing to accommodate us both.
Anyway, today’s post is to show you what I bought while I was visiting The City of Lights. I didn’t do as much shopping as I could of due to the fact both Hayley and I had gone to Paris to prove you can holiday on a budget. I took a total of 300e which was also for food and my metro pass. Most of my money went on buying presents in the Disney Store for Little Miss, I think I spent 60e in total spoiling her and I haven’t photographed that as it was pretty generic Disney goodies that can be purchased over here. However with food and attractions costing a lot less than I budgeted for it meant I was able to treat myself more than I expected.

Tartan Fleece Scarf, Tourist Shop in Monmartre, 4e
6 Macaroons from Laduree,15e
Paris Snowglobe, Tourist Shop in Monmartre, 4e
Cats Teabag, L’Attrape Coeur, 4e
2 x 500ml Bottles of Bioderma Micellar Solution, , 15.50e
Raspberry & Chocolate Shower Gel, Yves Rocher, 1.95e
Eiffel Tower Christmas Decoration, Shop under the Eiffel Tower, 4e
Minnie Mouse Paris Magnet, Disney Store on Champs Elysees, 3e
Eiffel Tower Clip Magnet, Tourist Shop in Monmartre, 2.50e
Eiffel Tower Keyring, Tourist Shop in Monmartre,  0.30e
5 Minute Face Mask for Sensitive Skin, Yves Rocher, 9.95e
Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm, Parashop, 7.90e
French Snacks from the local supermarket, variously priced.
The most expensive item I bought was the two bottles of Bioderma Micellar Solution but they were the one thing I knew I was going to buy. 15.50e is actually a bargain for them, we saw the same offer variously priced around the city in different pharmacies ranging from about 19e down to the 15.50e I bought them at. I haven’t tried them yet as I want to use my L’Oreal stuff up first. Other products I brought back to try were the Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm as Hayley informed me it was a raved about product for a cheaper that Stirling price. So far I am impressed with the results! My favourite shop (aside from the Disney Shop, obvs) was Yves Rocher, which was basically a French Body Shop. I recognised the name from a lipstick I received in a goodie bag (which is one of my FAVS). The shower gel is the most amazing smelling product ever, Raspberry and Chocolate from their Christmas collection and what a bargain at 1.95e! The face mask was a little more expensive at 9.95e but I’ve been on the hunt for a deeply moisturising mask and it’s not more than I’d pay for a product in the UK. Look out for reviews of all those products.
Of course I had to buy various Paris tat, the snow globe is to go with my one from New York, we were lucky in finding a store that had everything like 50% off so I got it for 4e, along with my 0.30e keyring. I used to have one from my first visit to Paris but it went missing years ago. I also collect magnets from all the places I’ve been.. I have New York, Skiathos and Rhodes so far, then I brought back the Minnie Mouse one and the Eiffel Tower clip as I can use it to hold pictures Little Miss does for me at nursery. Useful! With going in October everywhere was selling Paris related Christmas decorations but I got mine as a souvenir from the Eiffel Tower as it was my favourite part of the trip. 4e isn’t bad considering the prices in the shops at the Eiffel Tower. The tea bag rest is purely because I was after one and thought, why the hell don’t I just get a Paris one! Whenever I make tea I’ll think of Hayley and how much cats were discussed on our trip (i’m not even lying!) And the scarf? I was bloody freezing and had left mine at the hotel. 4e was the cheapest I could buy one that I would wear again for! 
Finally, the food stuff. Whenever I go abroad I ALWAYS bring bag food. The stuff from the Supermarket was just to use up some euros.. but the macaroons from Laduree.. which actually were the second most expensive purchase were worth every cent! So delicious and decidant. I felt like I was Blair Waldorf while I ate them. I only parted with one to my mum as they were my last remainder of what was a fantastic few days in Paris. 

What do you like to buy while on holiday?
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