Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash Off Cleanser Review

I took a day off from blogging yesterday as I was really busy with grocery shopping, housework and having my mum over for dinner. Then in the evening I had an exam (where I got 100% go me) and then I did some Christmas shopping before relaxing in the bath while watching my favourite tv shows on my iPad. Today is a big day for Little Miss, we’re taking the sides off the cot. I hope it doesn’t affect her sleeping too much as she’s such a good little sleeper these days! 
Anyway, that’s a little update on my life, now for the main event, my review of Soap and Glory’s Peaches and Cream 3-in-1 cleanser. I bought this a few months to be my “in shower face wash” after using it while I was staying at my friends. I loved the smell and for a product not designed specifically for sensitive skin it didn’t cause any irritation. I thought by using it a long term I would be able to see if it really was okay for my sensitive skin. Plus it was two Soap & Glory products for £10 (or some similar offer) and I really needed some more bubble bath…

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Cleanser RRP £8, Boots
I know there has been a lot of talk about Soap & Glory’s skincare since they changed all their packaging. I personally like it. It makes me want to take their skincare more seriously. As much as I adore the retro packaging of their bath and shower products, the simplicity of the design on the skincare looks much more professional rather than gimmicky, makes me want to believe in the product. The other discussion point is to do with Peaches and Clean rather than their skincare range as a whole, with the design shake up came with the fact this product went for a 4-in-one cleanser to a 3-in-one. As I never used Peaches and Clean previously, I have little to say on that, I’m just reviewing the product as it is now. 
Peaches and Clean claims to “melt away make up” and rid your skin of impurities in two minutes. I have to be honest and say I don’t use it to remove my make up, favouring for some micellar solution and cotton pad to do that job, however as far as ridding the skin of impurities, I think it does actually do the trick!
I mentioned above I use this product as my in shower face wash. So the fact it has a pump was one of the main selling points for me. It makes the product easy to dispense even with wet hands and I don’t even need to attempt to pick the bottle up and hold it to get some product out. I use a couple of squirts and apply to a damp face. I use my finger tips to massage it in for a couple of minutes before washing it off under the shower. I have to admit, my face feels fantastic.
The consistency is great, it doesn’t foam up but a little bit goes a long way. It also smells fantastic, if a little bit strange when you first use it (who knew minty peaches would smell so nice?) It leaves my face feeling clean, slightly tingly and cool which is surprisingly nice while you’re taking a hot shower.
I also mentioned above this isn’t specifically for sensitive skin, instead it’s for “all skin types” which often makes me reluctant to buy a product in case that’s just to sell more bottles of it.. but I can honestly say it hasn’t irritated my face in the slightest. I do only use it sparingly, three times a week, four max if I haven’t had time for a few baths and I do thoroughly tone and moisturise afterwards. I have had no more breakouts than usual, no dry patches and no irritations. Peaches and Clean will definitely be going onto my repurchase list, once I’ve finished this bottle anyway. 
Have you tried any of Soap & Glory’s skincare range?
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