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Christmas Gift Guide – Ideas for a 2 Year Old

Like with a lot of bloggers out there, I’m going to be sharing my gift ideas for various people over the next few weeks, I have one planned for mums, dads/bros (I’ve grouped them together as I don’t have a bro but I do have my sisters boyfriend and my dad, who despite the 33 year age gap, they have a similar mentality!), sisters, friends and of course, a 2 year old. 
My gift guide for a 2 year old is actually just some of what i’ve bought for my 2 year old. I’ve left this gender free because although a few of her toys are more gender specific however I don’t believe in limiting what a child should play with so if your boy wants to play with the Little People Palace, so what? I think it’s just a fantastic present. Anyway, I don’t want to get into an argument about it all. The awesome Ashleigh of 25 to 30 wrote a brilliant post on the subject, if you want more you should check it out. 
Although my daughter isn’t quite two (her birthday is the 28th January) she is up to the level of a two year old. She plays well with the same toys as my nephew (who was two in September) and although her speech isn’t up to the same level, you can more than understand her. Because of this, I’ve purposely bought and requested gifts suitable for 2+ as she’ll be almost three by next Christmas. Any toys that are too advanced for her I can simply store until later on in the year. 
Anyway, I’m boring myself now with my rambling. Here is my gift guide for a 2 year old.

Slide, Argos // Little Life Backpack Reins, Toys R Us // Sofia the First Costume, The Disney Store
Very Hungry Caterpillar Peg Puzzle, Amazon // Leapfrog Tag Junior Reader, Amazon
Mickey Mouse Pull Back Car, The Disney Store // Hobby Horse, Mamas and Papas // Wooden Cupcake Set, ELC
Color Wonder, Amazon // Foam Bath Letters & Numbers, Tescos // Xylophone, Home Bargains

I’m well aware the weather is a bit nasty at the moment so a slide does seem a bit impractical. But if your child (or the child you’re buying for) has a birthday around Christmas, like mine, they never seem to get outdoor toys. I got my daughter a slide after one of my dear friends Marianna started allowing her to slide down her legs. Now my daughter wants to do this with everyone, and make her figures slide down anything that resembles a slide. I managed to pick up the slide for £15 second hand, it’s like new and I’m sure Little Miss will know no different.

I think the Little Life back packs are brilliant as they come with reins attached. My daughter isn’t a hand holder so she always has to go on the reins when we go for a short walk.. however I really hate the reins we have, they’re tacky so I got her this little backpack that she can wear and carry her only juice and spare nappy if we’re going anywhere, like on holiday for instance..

One of my daughters favourite tv shows is Sofia the First on Disney Junior. There is lots of music and songs so she sings and dances. She also loves dressing up, a lot. In fact the other day when I asked her to choose what to wear she decided on a pink tutu (pretty dress) and some sparkly red minnie mouse shoes. I’m trying to build up a little dressing up box for her and this is the only dress that comes in a size close enough to her. It’s quite expensive at £30 but I bought it when The Disney Store was offering 20% off costumes.

I have a few of these already, but Little Miss can do 4/5 of them so I figured another one can’t really go to waste. She spends ages on them. I haven’t actually got her this particular one, but a Disney Princess one but it was similar price and may get her this one for her birthday. They’re great for motor skills and problem solving.

The Tag Junior Reader was one of my best buys, with my Tesco club card points I got it for £5! I think it’ll be great for teaching Little Miss words without my accent. You can also buy loads of books to go with it, they’re currently just over £6 on amazon and I’ve bought a couple to go with this gift. It comes in purple but I preferred the green!

My daughter loves to play with my nephew’s cars at my parents house so I’ve got her a little one with “Muckey Mouse” as she calls him in. It’s one of those pull back ones which she LOVES! I think cars are such a nice and relatively cheap gift, but what my daughter loves even more is putting figures in and out of cars which is what made me get this particular one.

I bought the Rainbow hobby horse when it was reduced to £15 as last year I bought a rocking horse for Little Miss which she’s a bit big for now. She still loves it which is why I thought a hobby horse would be good, especially since my sister bought my nephew the Cowboy one. They’re going to have such fun having races come summer.

Another of my daughters favourite games to play is to turn her stacking cups into “cakes.” She puts one on top of another and pretends to eat it, claiming it to be a cake. That’s what inspired me to get this for her using an old Early Learning Centre voucher I had. I think it will really look nice in her room as well as the practical use of role playing. She’s also getting a wooden kitchen off my sister so this will come in handy for playing with that too.

My best friend Bee bought Little Miss a Cinderella Colour Wonder pack a few months back and SHE LOVED IT, she was devistated when it was all coloured in so when I had an extra thing to get while in Boots buying 3 for 2 I saw this and figured it wouldn’t go wrong. Colour Wonder is brilliant as the pens don’t draw on anything other than the book. It’s great when I haven’t got both eyes on my daughter, I know my walls can remain ink/crayon/pencil free and she still gets to use her “colours!”

All the current bath toys we have have gone a little gross after a year of being used so I bought Little Miss some foam letters for her to play with. Another educational toy but I know she’ll enjoy simply sticking them to the bath rather than making words at the moment.

Finally, a toy xylophone. Little Miss is very musical (comes from her dad’s side) and we have a nice collection of instruments going on. When I saw this in Home Bargains for such a good price I knew I had to add it to the collection. It also comes with a handle for carrying and the stick is attached which will hopefully limit any need to walk around with it in her mouth. Usually I go for wooden instruments but this is so bright and colourful I know she’ll enjoy it.

I’ve also bought her a couple of outfits, pjs, slippers, a few DVDs of her favourite shows and a couple of books but obviously anything like that is to your own/your child’s preference! But books in my opinion are always the best gift if you’re buying for anyone else’s child. If anyone wants some recommendations I can give you plenty!
Have you had to buy for a small child this year? What did you get?
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