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House to Home, In My Daughters Bedroom *

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but it in all honesty, it’s because none of the other rooms were really complete and now won’t be until after Christmas due to my excess money going on gifts. 
As I mentioned earlier on in the week I moved my daughter from her cot, into a bed. Her bed is a cotbed that was a gift from my grandparents so my mum and I removed the sides. I’ve had no problems with this transition and I personally believe it’s because I waited. I don’t believe in parental competition and I only do things when I feel my daughter is read. She’s two just over 8 weeks and I clearly picked a perfect time to make the transition. I plan on starting potty training when she turns two and I didn’t want to do the two side by side as I thought that could be too much for her to cope with. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to do Little Miss’ bedroom tour now with her little bed and her new bookcase. 
Little Miss’ bedroom is my favourite in the whole house. It is perfect and when I feel stressed out or sad I go and sit in there on her rocking chair while she plays. It’s a really calming room and it makes me feel so much better. Of course, it isn’t without it’s stresses. Whoever lived here before didn’t wallpaper properly (in any room in fact) and eventually I will have to strip it and start over. But the carpet is lovely and the room itself is a great size for one little girl. When we were decorating it’s the first room I made my mum paint as I wanted it to be relatively done when I moved in.I’m going to share with you a few before and after photos so you can see how far it’s come. 

In my opinion, the wallpaper pattern wasn’t exactly child bedroom material. I felt it made the room feel so much smaller than it actually is so we painted it over with “Timeless” again, the same paint that’s on my bedroom and lounge walls. I think that’s one of the main contributors to making the room feel really relaxing. I know off white walls probably aren’t practical for a child’s room in the long run, but at the moment, I love them. The final photo is the room on Little Miss’ first night, back when she had her cot and taller bookcase. I’ve switched to a smaller bookcase as I’m one of those over protective mothers who had visions of her climbing on this one now she can get in and out of bed (not that she chooses to, she waits in bed until I come get her!)
The theme of her bedroom is Dearest Bambi which I collected from eBay as I couldn’t find it in any stores. I didn’t buy it prior to having her (as I thought I was having a boy and i’d picked out an awesome London theme!) but when I had my daughter I knew my ex would be okay going down the Disney route.. I’m sure that sentence showed you what kind of a man he was, and you’d be right. ANYWAY, I will be holding onto all the Dearest Bambi stuff in case I’m lucky enough to have another child. 
Now onto her room as it stands today.. it’s ALMOST finished.. I just was a shelf put up, some mirrored circles to go on the wall and probably some more storage. 
Please note these photos have been taken on two different cameras due to the batteries dying on my main one. Either way, it’s a dark miserable day so they’re not all that great anyway. 
Disney Bambi Wall Art, eBay // Bedroom Sign*, Treat Republic (review here) // Material Letters, Mamas and Papas // Dearest Bambi Cot Quilt, eBay // Pine Bedside Drawers, Parents // Various Soft Toys, Gifts // Bed, Very
Nappy Holder, eBay // Brown Suade Curtains, Dunelm Mill // Pollyanna Pony, Mamas and Papas // Storage Basket, Dunelm Mill // Made with Love Blanket, Mamas and Papas // Rocking Chair, Ikea
Canvas Play House, Argos // Pine furniture, as before // Floral Baskets, Dunelm Mill // Laundry Bag, eBay // Height Chart, Tumbling Birds // Soft Toys, Various Gifts
This is her bedroom now. I just glanced back at my wishlist for her room and I’m pretty impressed that I got everything apart from a couple of items off it.. one being under bed storage but that’s because as you can see there is barely any room under her bed.. the other is the wooden toy box and that’s purely because the two baskets sufficed for toys and dressing up costumes.
The pine furniture, the two drawer sets and wardrobe belonged to my parents. They bought them 27 years ago when they first moved in together. It makes me so happy to be able to put them in Little Miss’ room after having them myself and then before that my parents having them. They’re solid pine which is probably why they’ve lasted so long. I think I’ll always find a home for them. Back in the day they cost a fortune! 
The print above her bedside drawer set and dressing up basket was one my dad brought all the way back from Walt Disney World on our first visit 16 years ago. It used to hang in my bedroom and when I had a little girl it was decided it would hang in her bedroom. Every morning when I get Little Miss up I have to hold her so she can name all the characters she recognises. Due to it being glass in the frame and opposite the window I couldn’t get a great photo of it but it’s beautiful.

Cushion, As Before // Summer Doll, Mamas and Papas
Bookcase Cubes, Argos // Books, Various Places
A Little Princess Quote Print, Etsy // Twelfth Night Quote Print, Etsy
A Little Princess is one of my all time favourite books so when I was looking for a print for my daughters wall I knew I wanted something from that (or Little Women). I found this one on Etsy that I could print at home to save on shipping costs. The same for the Twelfth Night print. My daughters name comes from this Shakespeare play, which also happens to my favourite. This quote sums her up perfectly.. she’s incredibly small for her age but she’s all there! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a frame to fit either of them so these ones from Wilkinsons will have to do for the time being until I can afford to have them framed professionally. 
Please ignore my dad’s terrible picture hanging skills
Thomas Kinkade Canvases, eBay
Lilyflame Candle*, Gifted // Noah’s Ark Frame, Card Factory // Handmade Rocking Horse, Gift
Shabby Chic Bunting, eBay
Bambi Hooks, eBay // Fancy Dress, Various Places

Sorry for the very photo heavy post but I really just wanted to share every aspect of Little Miss’ room. I’m so proud of it and I think she loves it as much as I do! I know she loves her bed at least! It’s comfort to know that if I was still in my relationship she wouldn’t of had this beautiful room, she wouldn’t of had the beautiful clothes she has, or the beautiful toys she has.. I just need to look around her room to know I’m giving her the best.

I’m a big disappointed I found Ollie and Leila after finishing off her room. It’s got the most amazing furniture for kids bedrooms. I have my eye on the perfect bed for Little Miss once she’s too big for the little cot bed and I really want to get this Fairy Snuggle Sack for when she’s too big for the travel cot when we stay with my mum or friends. And I especially love this armchair for her watching TV downstairs now that her box is completely destroyed (if you have me on instagram you’ll know what I mean!) But what I want most is a magical hideaway by Just for Tiny People! They look amazing and I know Little Miss would love one, maybe if she gets enough birthday money…

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