Christmas Gift Guide – Ideas for Sisters *

So we’re now up to the third installment of my Christmas Gift Guide series. Tonight I’m going to share some ideas with you for sisters. 
Firstly, I should say that this is a gift guide for adult sisters. I’m making it with my younger sister in mind. She’s twenty three. There are two years, four months and one day between us but she acts and looks older than I am. She has her own house and car, a great job as a dental nurse and she lives with her boyfriend and two year old son. We are so different, complete chalk and cheese, so in the past I have struggled to buy for her. She’s not into anything geeky (apart from The Little Mermaid, she’s completely obsessed), she likes different clothes, shoes, movies to me.. she doesn’t read and until recently she was very much “as much as humanly possible” for her money so she didn’t really dabble in anything high end. LUCKILY, since having my nephew she’s started to focus more on the finer things in life in regards to beauty products, in particular Chanel. So I’ve bought her a Chanel lipstick that she picked herself and some Ariel decoupage shoes from Sleeping Beauty Shoes.
But if I hadn’t got her those things, here are some ideas of what I might of treated her to. 

Unlike my Gift Guide for friends, this is a nice selection of gifts across a range of prices. Some are more specific to my sister than others but at least it might help you to look in places you may not thought of in the first place! You can get some great Christmas gifts from www.tjhughes.co.uk this year! I just bought my grandmother some gloves. Also online boutiques are great if you want a more unique touch to your presents.
Anyone around my sister and my age must of watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch while growing up. My sister and I must of watched every single episode at least 5 times! One of the things that we spend a lot of time doing is reminiscing about being kids again, especially with one of our cousin’s Laura so I know for a fact my sister would love this Sabrina the Teenage Witch Box Set from Amazon. In fact, I know I would too! One of the things that my sister loves that I don’t is celebrity endorsed products so in that past I have bought her some celebrity perfume, especially while I worked in Boots. TJ Hughes has a great range of cheap celebrity perfume this year, and I did definitely consider getting my sister a bottle of Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, they’re a great idea for teen siblings! For a long time now every Christmas and Birthday I’ve bought my sister something The Little Mermaid related from a beach towel, to snow globes and ornaments. This year I spotted these awesome Sebastian and Flounder mugs in The Disney Store which are a total steal at £5 each! A more grown up gift is a new handbag. I love Marc B for beautiful handbags and I really think the Penny Tote would make a really great gift. A really good gift for a sibling should they have a Pandora bracelet is a charm! The mermaid one would be a great gift specifically for my sister but they have loads including this really nice one for a sister. They range from £20+ so there is one for every budget. As I mentioned in my gift guide for friends, Laura Mercier have some beautiful Christmas gifts available to buy on Space NK. I particularly like the Shimmer Effects Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection, it has some really beautiful neutral shades and because they’re in a pencil form even the most amateur can apply them. For a sister who really takes care of her hair (like mine) you can’t go wrong with Neal and Wolf. Since my last review of their products I’m hopelessly in love with the brand and if you want to treat your sister to something I would go for the Cleanse and Treat Duo Pack as it includes the Harmony Intensive Care Treatment at the beginning of the month. I raved on my last gift guide about the beautiful items available from Gifts and Pieces, for this gift guide i’ve gone with a wooden plaque with “We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All” my sister is obsessed with quotes (something we have in common) and this quote basically sums up her little family. A little online store I only recently discovered is Cheap Frills, it has some fantastically unique pieces like this Anne Boleyn necklace at bargain prices! Finally, the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver is currently on offer in Boots for £39.99, I can’t stress enough how awesome a gift this would be. Major sibling points coming your way!
Sorry there won’t be a brother gift guide, I’ll be tying it into the one for Dads as I don’t have a brother (or boyfriend actually so it can be tied to that too!)
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