Reads for the Weekend // Fourteen

I have had such a horribly stressful week this week. Sunday was the worst, I just seemed to cry the whole day and get myself wound up. The rest of the week has basically followed suite although I did get to see Catching Fire on Tuesday with my sister and spent ridiculous amounts of money (ta dad). I spent £60 on clothes for Little Miss.. she does look adorable in her new red winter boots though! There was also a new addition to the family on Monday, my cousin’s girlfriend had a healthy baby boy, 8lbs 2oz on two paracetamol! What a trooper! Looking forward to meeting the little man next week hopefully. My grandparents now have ELEVEN great grand children, eight boys and three girls.. and another one due in March. There has been a baby born every year since 2010 and two in 2012. There are still eight of the fifteen of us who haven’t had children yet either, I can’t imagine how many my grandparents are going to end up with! 
Anyway, maybe i’ll blog about my family at another time. I’m seeing my best friend this weekend which has cheered me up considerably and I’ve finished buying for Little Miss now for Christmas apart from some chocolate for her stocking.. Santa Claus is going to be so weighed down til he stops by our house.. I’ve definitely stocked up so we don’t get to next November with her having nothing to play with! Trying to keep her amused at the moment is a nightmare, then come February she’ll have more stuff than she knows what to do with. Next time, I’ll be attempting to plan birthdays a little better! 
So reads for the weekend (before I get distracted again..) there have been some great posts popping up this week on my dash so here are my personal favourites! 
Alice of The Cup and Saucer blogged about her trip to York. York is one of my favourite cities in the whole of the UK, it’s so beautiful and Alice’s photos really captured that. I’m glad she had a great time, and I’m still 100% convinced she looks like Marion Cotillard!
Hello again to Lauren of Belle du Brighton! This week she blogged about it being only a month until Christmas. I loved seeing her little family all in Christmas jumpers, but what made me laugh the most is the fact she called me out about putting my tree up on Monday! I think she’s way more festive than I am with her festive jumper on already haha!
I’m completely in lust after this dress Alice posted on her blog Tea and Lead this week. It’s gorgeous and in my favourite kind of cut. I really love how she’s styled it and I think once I get some Christmas money I might have to treat myself!
Nicole of A Little More shared some gorgeous photos in her Corners of My City post about Glasgow. Winter looks like it’s arrived already over the border and I have to say, it looks beautiful. It really is a side of Glasgow i’ve never seen before.
I loved Ellie’s Christmas DIY for a Santa Sack Advent Calendar on her blog Pretty Much Penniless. It looks so good, easy to make and something i’ve book marked to use once Little Miss is a little older and maybe we could make it together!
Over on That’s Peachy this week Tor shared her favourite plum lipsticks. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’m a big fan of the plum, having worn Hang Up at least twice this week. After reading her post I’m really lusting after Benefit’s Fling Thing!
For me, Christmas and food go hand in hand which is probably why Erica’s Taste Christmas post has been my favourite this week which is shared on her blog Being Erica. This would definitely be a dream event for me and the photographs she’s posted really are beautiful. I feel all Christmassy reading it again!
I hope everyone has a great weekend, I’m hoping mine will awesome and I’ll have another Murder Mystery post to share next week!

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