Pinning It #1 – Shaving with Baby Oil *

You know me.. I can barely keep on top of everything else I have going on with my blog.. so instead of reeling back, I add another little series. Typical of me. 
Anyway, I’m sort of addicted to Pinterest at the moment, especially at night when I can’t sleep. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to keep track of ideas, recipes and general pictures for inspiration. I have a lot of recipes pinned, and fashion ideas.. but my favourite thing to read is what is commonly described as “life hacks.” So i’ve decided every time I use an idea from Pinterest, be it a recipe, room inspiration, a tutorial or one of these life hacks.
Today, I’m going to talk about one of these so called life hacks I tried. It’s shaving with baby oil. Even writing it feels wrong, and because it is wrong.
So this is what I bought. It was on offer for £1 in Tesco so I thought “may as well” I use a venus razor and yes, I fork out the ridiculous price and change the head regularly! Normally I just use hair conditioner before shaving, or at the very least, water. I never ever dry shave but I swear this baby oil had the same affect! 
Seemingly, it’s supposed to prolong the life of your razor and make your legs super smooth. WELL, I don’t know about prolonging my razor but I swear I won’t be doing this ever again. For starters, it made me legs itch like hell as soon as I’d shaved them, I assume this is the oil seeping into my pores. I must of put on three layers of moisturiser before resorting to some foot cooling spray! Then there is the fact the bath was so oily that I basically fell out when I tried to get out and gave myself a huge bruise on my hip, and woke Little Miss with my cursing. 
This is actually my second Pinterest fail. The first one was for my house warming barbeque, I tried to make three ingredient nutella muffins, what a fail that was. They were like tasteless rocks! Pinterest, I’m loosing faith in you! 
If I had money I’d really consider getting hair laser removed as now that I’m a mum I just don’t have time to keep on top of it. I’d probably get my eyebrows done too because I cannot for the life of me pluck them equally.. anyone else have that problem?!
Have you had any success with trying things from Pinterest?
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