Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick Review

I’m away this weekend visiting all three of my best friends and also catching up with a uni friend and her son, so it’s going to be pretty busy. That’s if I get away, the storm that is currently raging outside (and has blown down all my fences) is making me worried as there are no trains from Newcastle.. and I’m of course north of Newcastle. Frustrating. My dad is away this weekend so fingers crossed if he can’t get a train he’ll drive me as far as York. A girl can hope. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for so long!
I’ve had a bit of a stressful weekend this week, December is already getting away from me. Less than three weeks now and I have so much on! So I apologise now for the abundance of reviews I’m putting up while I’m away. I’ve had them scheduled for a while. 
Today, I’m sharing one of my absolute favourite lipsticks, Yves Rocher in Grand Rouge. I know it’s also Hayley of Strangeness & Charm‘s because we both took it to Paris with us. 
I received this lipstick in a goody bag and it was love at first usage. I’d never heard of Yves Rocher before as a brand so I had no idea how much it cost or how good it was but it was a perfect bright red and smelt really nice! 
Yves Rocher in Grand Rouge RRP £19.00*
Currently on offer for £13.30!

I have to admit, although I love the lipstick, I’m not a huge fan of the gold packaging. Despite the £19 price tag, the gold tube makes it look like something my grandmother would of bought. It also gets really dirty in my handbag/make up bag and shows up fingerprints easily. But for me, that’s the only negative.
The texture of it reminds me a lot of MAC’s cremesheen. It goes on really well and doesn’t feel dry at all like a lot of matte lipsticks feel but it still has that matte colouring. It’s really moisturising as well which is a huge plus for me as I have notoriously dry lips. It goes on really smoothly as well and the colour lasts hours, I rarely have to touch up.

Because of how much I love this lipstick, while in Paris and able to go into a Yves Rocher store (which is basically like a French version of The Body Shop) I bought a couple of things that I will be reviewing in the near future. I’d recommend Yves Rocher to anyone, their products are well priced and great value for money.
Have you tried anything by Yves Rocher? What’s your favourite red lipstick?
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