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A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review a 3/4 wig from Wonderland Wigs. I had heard of the company from reading about the wigs purchased by other bloggers so I already knew they looked realistic but I wasn’t prepared for how much the 3/4 wig would match my hair!
Wonderland Wigs is a company that offers excellent quality wigs, hair pieces and accessories. From full wigs, to buns, to extensions, to even clip in braids. What I was being offered was a 3/4 wig. A 3/4 wig is also known as a hair booster as it is used to add volume and glamour to hair. This is perfect for me as the longer my hair grows the flatter it gets due to the weight of it. My sister and cousin also use 3/4 wigs to enhance their hair on night outs and in the past I have always thought it wasn’t my thing.. I have never worn anything “fake” not nails, eyelashes or hair extensions but on spotting the Long Layered Dark Red 3/4 Wig * on the website, I was willing to give a hair piece a try. 
The service was impeccable, from being contacted me to agreeing on the wig I’d receive and then the wig arriving, the turn around time was only a couple of days max. Great if you decide mid week you’d like some longer hair for a Saturday night out. They’re well priced too, the 3/4 wigs range from £25.99 for fake hair up to over £100 for real hair (but you’d expect to pay that, right?) The wig I received isn’t made of real hair but the quality is amazing. 
Long Layered Dark Red 3/4 Wig * RRP £25.99
As you can see, the wig comes with combs in which help you attach it securely. One in the front and one in the back. I’ve never got on with combs before but this was really easy to put in as Wonderland Wigs has a great tutorial video for putting 3/4 hair pieces in yourself. I had no problems putting it on and used a gold braided hairband to cover up the join. The colour is such a good match that I could of got away with simply backcombing my fringe. 
At first, I’ll admit I struggled with having that much hair. In fact I told my bestie that I no longer wanted to be Rapunzel if we ever did full Disney fancy dress however the more I drunk the comfier I started to feel with it in. And even when I put it on again for the review I felt a lot more at ease with the amount of hair and the weight of it. I think I’m going to be tempted to wear it over Christmas, even just around the house. 

As you can see, the straight bit in the final photo is my actual hair. I’ve pulled it forward so you can really see the colour match and with the gold band in you cannot see the join at all. It’s a bit longer than my natural hair, but I could wave my hair so it would simply look like layers. 
Over all, I’m really impressed by Wonderland Wigs and I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a wig or hair piece. In fact I’d love a few more different styles myself! They do fantastic looking fishtail braids!

And because you’re all so lucky, here are some terribly awkward looking photos of me at another Murder Mystery party. This time it was The Hunger Games related, can you guess which district I was from? The wig came in perfect to give me mermaid like hair! Thanks to Bee of Journeys are my Diary for these photos.

No point wearing a costume if you’re not going to go all out, right!? 
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