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#265 Outfit of the Day – You Look So Good in Blue

Kudos to you if you recognise the lyrics in the title! 
Now that I’ve discovered that my kitchen is the best place to take outfit posts, expect a lot more! It’s amazing how flattering good lighting can be! This post is slightly delayed as all the original photos were on my camera that I left on the train on Sunday. I’m still mourning the loss of my cat bag, Disney Couture Alice purse and the camera! All my photos from my weekend away were on it as well as my outfit photos! Absolutely devastated! But I only have myself to blame.
Today’s outfit post is a little “much” for a Wednesday lunch time but I wanted to share with you my Christmas night out outfit and first thing in the morning is when I get the best light, especially at this time of year! I’m not having an “organised” outing as I work from home but no doubt I’ll be out for drinks at least over the festive period. I have to admit it was a lot of fun getting dressed up in the morning as if I was heading out at night, I’m a little sad now I’ve changed back into a smock and a pair of leggings but I’m not sure my mum would want to walk around Tescos with me looking like this!

Blazer (last year), Topshop
Blue Lace Back Dress* £68, Warehouse
Heart Print Tights £4.99, New Look
Wedge Boots (last year), New Look
Statement Necklace* (sold out), Everours

This dress is probably one of the most beautiful and expensive dress i’ve ever owned. It’s perfect for any Christmas parties, New Year eve parties or even any winter weddings you have to attend. Warehouse really has some beautiful dresses at the moment, perfect for evening wear. The back is simply beautiful and I wish I could get away with no wearing a bra! I’m going to wear it with my Topshop blazer, it was £40 last winter and I wear it for pretty much every night out as despite the 3/4 length sleeves it’s lined so it does keep me warm. As the dress is a bit more sophisticated than I’d usually go for, I have to wear some form of patterned tights! As cute as these heart ones are, they’re not very warm so lets home I’m not getting dragged around more than one bar as my legs will be a bit icy. My wedge boots are my favourite winter heels as they’re a lot more practical than some of my more strappy pairs, I’m so glad I have them back after leaving them at my best friend Jess’ for 6 months! They will have a lot of wear this festive season. Finally, this beautiful statement necklace is from one of my favourite online boutiques, Everours. It was a gift when my order was a bit messed up and I have to admit, I’m in LOVE! The colours are so me and I’ve already worn it a lot more than I expected I would. 
These photos make me realise just how white I actually am! Imagine if I’d used the flash on my camera, i’d of been a ghost! But hey, I have mermaid hair at the moment so I can’t complain about how I look too much!
What are you wearing for the party season this year?
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