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Well it’s been a while since I explored this feature! My last Brand of the Month was way back in August! It’s not because there hasn’t been a brand of the month, it’s that I just haven’t thought about writing one because of everything else going on in my little blog. I have so many things going on now that I struggle to keep track of them all every month. Although, I guess it does make sure my blog is constantly filled with different content!
Anyway, this month I’m sharing my love for Soap & Glory
Soap & Glory is a brand I only really got into last Christmas after my bestie Jess bought me a bottle of Smoothie Star. From the first use, I was completely hooked and from then on Soap & Glory has become a fixture mainly in my shower. I have even dabbled into the skincare and reviewed Peaches & Clean Cleanser and Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser on the blog, I swear by them both as part of my skincare routine.

Compared to some other Soap & Glory collections i’ve seen, this is pretty small. But this mainly due to the fact I’m someone who doesn’t buy stuff that I don’t need. I have one scrub, a body lotion with one back up, a body wash with one back up, shampoo conditioner, two cleansers that do different things, spot gel and some shimmer lotion for my legs. I just finished a bottle of Calm One Calm All which I do usually repurchase but I have some other bubble bath I want to use up first. I also have Heel Genius but I left it in a bag at my parents. There is still a list of products as long as my arm I want to try from Soap & Glory but I want to use some of my stash up before I buy anymore… although I have just bought The Yule Monty from Boots as it was reduced by more than half £60 down to £27, I can’t wait to pick it up from in store on Monday! In my defence it does have a lot of my favourites in it! 
Anyway, here is a better look of what I currently have in my Soap & Glory stash. 
Lotions and potions, I have an almost empty bottle of Smoothie Star Body Milk, I use this every single day as my main moisturiser because it smells amazing and really is moisturising. I love how quickly it is absorbed into the skin, I love the pump on the top which makes it so easy to get out into your hands, even after they’re coated in lotion. This is the Soap & Glory product I always recommend to Soap & Glory first timers as the smell alone will have you hooked. It was also my first Soap & Glory product and one I’ve already repeat bought. Once i’ve finished Smoothie Star, I’ve bought The Righteous Butter Lotion as a back up as it also contains shea butter which is great for ironing out those post baby creases. I was recommended it by a friend and from first sniff, it doesn’t seem too bad. Not as sickly smelling as Smoothie Star. Finally, back in the summer I purchased Glow Lotion, mainly because I couldn’t afford Benefit’s Bathina. Glow Lotion is about a third of the price and does the exact same thing as it’s Benefit counter part. It adds a subtle shimmer to highlight parts of the body. I only use this on my bare legs and it looks really gorgeous over a tan.
Next we have my shower products. I have to had a scrub for in the shower, especially if I’m taking a morning shower as I find a good scrubbing always wakes me up. The Breakfast Scrub is perfect for that. Like all Soap & Glory products it smells fantastic and unlike some scrubs it doesn’t dry your skin out at all. Rich and Foamous is another one of those products I always recommend to first timers as it smells very similar to Smoothie Star. Again it has the pump on the top which comes in so handy while in the shower. It also makes great bubbles in the bath. Finally Sugar Crush, this is my back up body wash for after I finish with Rich and Foamous. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t comment on how well it works but it does smell good, very refreshing! 

Soap & Glory skincare is only something I’ve slightly dabbled in. Since I have such sensitive skin I’m always reluctant to use any products recommended for “All Skin Types” but the products I have used from Soap & Glory have been great. None of them have irritated my skin and I swear by Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have tried two other hot cloth cleansers, the Superdrug one and the Liz Earle one.. both practically stripped the skin for my face. I find Fab Pore to be quite gentle and has really made a difference to my pores. I love using it while taking a hot bath because the steam and the fact it smells of lavender is really relaxing. I’m so sad it appears to be discontinued! The other cleanser I use is Peaches and Clean, you can read an indepth review here and I still stand by everything I say. Finally, Dr Spot Invisible Spot Fighting Gel I find is one of the best redness reducing on the spot products out there. I can put it on before bed and guarantee that the spot will have reduced in size and no longer be red by the morning, that’s what I call a good product.
It’s only in the past few months I’ve started to use the Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner by Soap & Glory. I’m pretty sure it was Hayley of Strangeness and Charm who recommended them to me. They smell great and really leave your hair feeling clean. Because they reduce build up it helps keep my hair colour brighter for longer which is really important to me. They also have a formula to strength hair and protect from breakages which again, for someone who does often use heat on their hair, is important. 
I really love Soap & Glory for everything other than make up, but I’m not going to go into that all here. 
Are there any Soap & Glory products you swear by, and did you managed to get your hands on The Yule Monty?
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