Keeping The Little Ones Warm This Winter *

And by little ones, I mean children.
The other day a woman on the bus commented on the fact it was so mild and Little Miss and I weren’t even bothering wrapping ourselves up in anything other than our winter coats (and Little Miss was in her cosytoes) no hats, no scarfs and not even any gloves. I mean why deal with the hassle when there isn’t even a ground frost first thing in the morning at the moment? Which is insane for the middle of December and pretty much unheard of up here! Anyway, she then went on saying that it’s probably because the weather will be dreadful at the start of 2014. Great.
My daughter is just about to turn two, yes.. you’ve guessed it.. the terrible twos have kicked in. She HATES the hassle of getting all wrapped up to go for a walk which leaves me constantly in a panic about her catching a chill, or worse. So the very idea that the start of 2014 is going to be filled with blizzards and storms is not my idea of fun. Because I don’t drive we walk or talk the bus so it’s vital that I’m prepared for the weather changing. And that means stocking up on layers to keep her warm in the buggy even if she won’t wear a blooming hat.
I’ve put together a little collection of bits and pieces i’m on the look out for to add to her winter wardrobe in preparation of snow that might not even arrive. But you know what they say, better to be safe than sorry! 
Little Miss already has a whole host of winter coats, at the moment this is what she’s wearing to go outside as there is still a slight chill in the air, especially in the evening. I’m more concerned about what she has on over her vest and under her coat. 
Uniqlo has a fantastic range of Heattech clothing for both adults, children and even babies. It’s on the offer at the moment and I definitely want to stock up on some basic tops like this U-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt. They come in a whole host of colours that go perfectly under little pinafores and short sleeve dresses. They also have Heattech leggings which will be a warm change from woolly tights, I especially like these Stripe Long Tights in red (no idea why they’re called tights when they’re clearly not!) Again these will be great for going under all Little Miss’ dresses. And for that extra layer of warmth, I’m definitely thinking of investing in some Fleece Dresses for her, I mean how adorable are those pockets? This is also from Uniqlo. I already own the little Red Boots from H&M for her, but I really wanted to share them especially now they’re in the sale. They’re lined with some fluffy material, have a sturdy sole and are now on offer for £4! I though i’d got them for a bargain at £5.99! Yes, if it snows they won’t keep her feet dry but they’ll be warm for the times I take her out in the buggy. Also from H&M is this fantastic tie under the chin Fake Fur Hat. As I mentioned before I have problems convincing her to keep the hat on, this way she’ll have no option but keep it on. I also think the fur hat will look adorable with the Regatta Chilly Fleece which makes me feel warm just looking at it! Jacksons of Old Arly has some great clothing for fighting the winter elements. It’ll also be really warm underneath her winter coat. 
I love that all these bits come in more than one colour meaning by buying a few basics I can make plenty of outfits that will keep my little girl warm and looking cute as a button. 
Have you invested in some basics to keep yourself or your little one warm this winter? 
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