Secret Santas 2013

This Christmas I took part in two secret santas, and if I had known about others I would of wanted to take part in them. I really love secret santas, it’s great getting a little box of goodies put together by someone who doesn’t know you as well as your friends and family. You always get really wonderful surprises. This year was no exception. I’m thrilled with what I received. I took part in one organised by Hannah of Hannah Bee and another by Vicki of A Life of Geekery. Thank you ladies for organising such brilliant swaps.
From Hannah’s swap, the #secretsanta13 swap, I received a really lovely gift from Mirry of The Impractical Archaeologist. She went for a Paris themed gift which was so thoughtful as I REALLY love Paris memorabilia.

The beautiful wrapped box made me so excited that I had to open it straight away. I had planned on keeping them both for Christmas as I didn’t have much to open but give me a wrapped gift and I’m going to want to know what’s inside it. After tearing through the paper, I was on a roll so even though inside everything was also wrapped, I had to open them. I received some funky Kukee jewellery, a real gorgeous Paris notebook and an Eiffel Tower bookmark, a cookie cook book which i’m excited to have a leaf through and mark some recipes with post its. A fireside treats Yankee candle, which I was so excited to receive, it was one of the scents I really wanted! It smells divine. And some Nail Varnish shaped chocolate which I think was so clever since this was a beauty excluded swap! Little Miss really enjoyed them, thanks Mirry! 
Now, onto my second parcel. This one came from Amanda Uniquely and was from the swap organised by Vicki. We had firm instructions not to open it until Christmas so I gave it to my mum to stash and I opened it at her house on Christmas day. 

This secret santa really was another lovely surprised. It was so nice to see Amanda had taken time to read my blog. I remember i’d mentioned I wanted to take up a new hobby and she sent me a crochet magazine, some wool and my first hook! As I’ve made it clear on my blog, I suffer from terrible insomnia so she’s sent me some tea to help me sleep. I can’t wait to try this. She also sent me some gorgeous Accessorize make up, I have nothing like this pallet, the colours are stunning. The cutest thing by far she sent me what this gorgeous shabby chic hanging hearts that she made herself! I was so impressed and i’ve hung it on my full length mirror. And of course, some chocolate that I once again gave to Little Miss.

I was so lucky with my wonderful parcels. I had to buy for Megan and Stephen, I really hope they both liked their gifts as much as I liked mine!

Did you take part in any Secret Santa’s this year?
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