Ho Ho Homicide – A Christmas Murder Mystery

So normal people have nights out in all their glitz and glam for Christmas, the friendship group I’m part of like to get together and dress up. I much prefer this. Everyone (should) reaches an age where going out and getting plastered at Christmas doesn’t appeal anymore, my little sister reached it on Boxing Day where she lasted 10 minutes in the nightclub before heading home to her boyfriend and puppy, and even though everyone drinks at these gatherings (and sometimes I get a bit silly after a bottle of wine and make a fool of myself still) it’s not to the extent of days gone by.
Last Saturday I was invited to another murder mystery thrown by my best friend, Bee (you can follow her blog over at Journeys are my Diary). With it only being a few days before Christmas the theme this time was obviously, Christmas. This was the largest group of us so far, 12 of us dressed up as mainly reindeer and elves, with Bee and her other half Chris taking on the roles of Mr & Mrs Claus.
Although it wasn’t my favourite Murder Mystery so far, it was so much fun and everyone had great costumes. Bee also cooked a two course Christmas dinner, turkey with all the trimmings (including yorkshire puds which excited me SO MUCH as my mum doesn’t do them at Christmas) and yule log with cream for dessert. It was really nice to just all get together before Christmas and have a laugh. Because after all, Christmas for me is about spending quality time with family and friends. 
I took some photos of the decorations and i’ve borrowed some of Bee’s group photos to share with you all today as this was one of my favourite parts of the festive season. I’m real lucky to have such brilliant friends and even more lucky to have the best, best friend. 

The collage photos were all taken by Bee (or her iPad on autotimer for the whole group shots!)
This year Bee has thrown six Murder Mystery parties, I’ve been so lucky to be Alice, Snow White, Ophelia, Poison Ivy, District Four mentor and an elf. I love dressing up and I’m so glad it still plays a big part in my life thanks to these Murder Mysteries. I think the next one Bee is considering is for my birthday in March (eek!) so watch this space! 
Did you dress up as anything over Christmas? 
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