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So Long, Farewell 2013

I just re-read my last post from 2012 and it doesn’t really feel like a whole year since I was sat at my parents house writing it. But it was, and here we are, about to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. 
For me, 2013 has been without a doubt, the worst year of my life. From losing my job the first week in January, to the threats from my ex until I was granted a restraining order, to a horrible custody battle that raged from February to September. Although the outcome is great, I still battle daily with anxiety and insomnia. Then having a cancer scare in April/May and all the awful fights with my dad until I finally got a house of my own in July. It’s had some truly bleak moments. But like with everything in life, I have been lucky enough to experience some wonderful silver linings. Such as finally getting my house, the times i’ve spent with my friends and family, not to mention my beautiful daughter who really is my reason for living.
My friends and family have been so supportive, they have dragged me kicking and screaming through this year so I’m able to be sat here tonight (albeit on my own) able to see this dreadful year out and pull myself together ready to face whatever 2014 throws at me. Bee, as ever you have been my support and voice of reason, every year I’m a better person because you’re my best friend. Jess and Kariss, you made me laugh on the days I didn’t even want to get out of bed. And I’ve made some really wonderful friends through blogging this year, all the wonderful north east ladies, you have been so much support and I hope we can meet for more coffee and cake next year. Hayley and Alice, thank you so much for spending so much time with me this year. Kirsty who despite having never met me accompanied me to see Les Mis last February. All the girls I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet but I hope I will next year. I appreciate you all.
By far my biggest achievement is my blog. Last year I had little more than 30 followers when I sat down to write my 2012 post and here I am a year on with over 500. My blog is my life line, it keeps me going and it keeps me sane. Everything I have achieved and all the people I have met through my blog, I am so thankful for. I hope in 2014 Cocktails in Teacups continues to grow and takes me to some brilliant new places. Perhaps you’ll remember my end of year goals post back in November? I have achieved all but my 1200 Twitter goal! Maybe I can make that one by my birthday in March? Sticking at my blog is probably one of the things I’m most proud of. 
This has become a much more wordy post than I had anticipated. So without further a do, here are my top five moments from 2013. As a reminder that the year was a complete wash out.
5. Murder Mystery Madness
This year I have been so lucky to attend not one but SIX murder mysteries thrown by my best friend Bee. They hold some of my best memories of the year. So much laughing and of course dressing up. I don’t often get to spend time with friends, it’s either my family or I’m on my own so when I do, I’m thankful that it always ends up being so much fun. If you want to read about the ones we’ve done, there is Halloween, Christmas, Yolo Upon a Time, Wonderland, Hamlet & The Hunger Games. (The latter two are Bee’s accounts of them)
4. Winning the Travel Supermarket Holiday Postcards Competition
I’ve mentioned above that my blog has given me so many fantastic opportunity, but my biggest blogging triumph was winning Travel Supermarket’s Holiday Postcards Competition they ran in the summer. It was such an amazing prize and I couldn’t believe when I won! In 2014 I will be using it to go somewhere fantastic so watch this space. If you haven’t seen my entry yet, it’s here.
3. Moving into our House
In July, Little Miss and I moved into a house, just the two of us. After living at my parents for over a year, sharing a little bedroom that resulted in me eventually sleeping on the sofa. Then after a horrific first half of the year to get to move into such a beautiful home. It was a dream come true. On the whole, I’m so happy here. The house is perfect,  I have given Little Miss the most beautiful room I can imagine and together we are making memories here together. I have so far shared four room tours, the lounge, the kitchen, my room and Little Miss’ room.
2. City Break to Paris
In number 2, had to be my break to Paris with Hayley. All that saving definitely paid off and I had the time of my life. Paris was beautiful, I did everything I wanted to do. I saw everything I wanted to see. It was fantastic and it’s really given me the traveling bug back. Paris was beautiful, and seeing it as an adult, doing what I wanted to do, it was the best thing that could possibly have done in 2013. It gave me real hope that everything was going to be okay.
1. Christmas Morning with Little Miss

As I mentioned in my Christmas round up post, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning were some of the most precious moments of this year. She was a pure joy to open gifts with, she loved everything she got and had to open everything and play with it. It made me realise how bloody lucky I was to have this beautiful, smart, healthy daughter. She’s one in a million. Of course, Little Miss in general is the best thing about the whole year. She is my number one in everything.

To 2014, the year of wanderlust and new dreams. My hopes are so high so please don’t let me down. 
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