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Outfit of the Day – Believing Is Just The Beginning

One of my more blog related resolutions was to post more outfit and fashion related posts. Fashion so far on the blog has mainly consisted of wishlists and style icons rather than focusing on my own personal style which was something I had wanted to focus on when I started Cocktails in Teacups. Now that I have my own home again and I have somewhere with half decent light to take photos, even if it is the kitchen, I have no excuse really not to do outfit posts. Well apart from the days I have crippling low self esteem, which sadly still happens on more days than I would like.
This is what I wore yesterday to go visit my parents and grandparents for New Years It’s a long time tradition that as many of us as possible cram ourselves into my grandparents tiny cottage for bad wine and nibbles. It’s always such a laugh. Yesterday my mum, two of her sisters and their daughters as well as myself, my sister and Little Miss were all there together. It was such a good laugh, especially seeing my grandmother in her mid seventies rolling around the floor with Little Miss. I am so thankful that they both made it through 2013, it was rough for them and I am incredibly lucky to still have three out of my four grandparents around to see Little Miss grow up.
It’s not the occasion where you dress up although we were all dressed nicely with it being a new year. For me it’s a tradition to wear something new, this time a gorgeous new dress I bought for £22 in the Urban Outfitters sale. I’m in love with it, it’s going to be perfect for the summer, so lightweight and sleeveless but at the moment with the cute white collar it’s perfect for layering up which is how I wore it yesterday.

Jumper £14.99, H&M
Dress £22 (sold out), Urban Outfitters
Disney Couture “Believing Is Just The Beginning Locket” (old), Disney Couture
Black Tights £2.99, Primark
As well as being in love with my new dress, I love this jumper from H&M. I have it in two colours, this natural one and a blue one. It’s slightly cropped but apart from that it’s perfect for layering over dresses and with skirts. They were only £11.99 when I bought them but it appears they’ve gone up to £14.99. Still a bargain and it washes well without getting too out of shape which is a pet hate for non-fitting jumpers.
Even though Disney Couture appears to have stopped releasing Disney Couture jewellery I’m lucky enough to have a few in my possession. I bought this Tinkerbell inspired locket from eBay overt he summer and I’d totally forgot I had it! I really love it the simplicity of it but because the chain is quite thick it still stands out. When I found this necklace again yesterday I knew I had to wear it. New Years is a day of new starts for a lot of people, especially for me. There is so much I want to accomplish this year but I’m so afraid of it being a repeat of last year and even the year before (although the birth of Little Miss made 2012 a better year). However I know deep down, the only way 2014 will be a better is to believe, to have a little faith that it’s my turn for a good year. So I’m going to start believing in good things. Well, I’m going to try my best anyway.
My hair desperately needs dying again as my roots are coming in, that’s probably a job for next week though. These are my first two selfies of 2014, I had been experimenting with my Naked 3 palette and I think I’ve done a good job of blending to create quite a nice look. What do you think? 
Would you like to see more outfit posts on Cocktails in Teacups?
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