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Outfit of the Day – I’m Not a Princess, This Ain’t a Fairy Tale

Last night I surpassed 100,000 views on my blog. What an achievement! I couldn’t believe it when I logged in this morning to start this post and I was over the 100,000 views mark. I did actually “woop” with joy. It’s so nice to know people read my blog even if it’s not really all about that. My blog is what keeps me going on those bad days (well aside from Little Miss) I’m always looking for something to write about. It would be lovely to reach the 200,000 mark by next January! Here’s to hoping! 
As I mentioned last week, I’m trying to post more outfits. I do like my wardrobe and I really love my clothes, especially my collection of dresses. It’s just the whole photographing thing and internet trolls that put me off. Last week I received such positive comments that I was really looking forward to photographing an outfit for this weeks post. I also treated myself to a new DSLR in the January sales since I’d paid my iPad off last month. Even though I really am just learning, I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the settings this morning. It’s a lot easier to understand than I thought. For anyone interested, it’s the Canon 1100d and I think we’re going to be really good friends! 
Today it’s very gloomy and very cold. The heating has been off since 9am and the house is like an ice box now but Little Miss has her wooly tights on and a chunky jumper with a fox on, the cold doesn’t seem to be bothering her like it is me. I really can’t wait for summer, just for a bit of sun and to be able to walk around the house in bare feet again! To bring a bit of summer to my outfit I’m sporting a hair flower today.. although it doesn’t mask the fact my hair still really needs dying and because I let it dry on it’s own it resembles a pair of spaniel ears… Also please ignore the awkward smiles, it’s just if I don’t smile I have a ridiculous bitch face!

Cardigan (ancient), Zara
Sugarhill Boutique Pretty Pony Dress £26, Beau Boutique*
Tights £2.99, Primark
Red Suade Boots £8, Primark
Red Orchid Clip, £15 (part of the Mystery Gift Box, Floral Theme) Crown and Glory

At the end of November I received this gorgeous Sugarhill Boutique Pretty Pony dress from Beau Boutique and I’ve only taken until today to wear it, mainly because I wanted to photograph my first wear and share it with my readers. If you haven’t heard of Beau Boutique before, to sum them up, they’re an online boutique that stock wonderful independent labels such as Love, Motel, Ruby Rocks and of course Sugarhill. They sell clothes from coats to dresses, accessories and now wonderful beauty brands including Models Own. And of course there is currently an amazing sale going on with many items with up to half price off!
As i’ve mentioned many many times, I’m a huge fan of Sugarhill Boutique, they are probably my favourite independent label and this is the third item from them that not hangs in my wardrobe. I adore the cut of this dress, I went for a medium and it fits perfectly on me at 10-12. I’m a fan of the tea dress style as it really suits my figure. The little horse pattern is so cute and the fact the horses are cream really makes them stand out on the black of the dress. It also has a super cute and unusual neckline. I really like it as it means there is not need for a necklace, which is a big thing for me with having a toddler who likes to pull things when in a rage! Although i’ve worn it part of  casual outfit today, it’s definitely something that could be dressed up with a pair of heels and a blazer, it nicely fits in that “smart casual” category that everyone seems to hate so much!
The cardigan is a thrift find from years ago and is originally from Zara. It has washed so well over the years, kept it’s shape and minimal bobbling. It’s a firm favourite of mine especially on cold days.  The boots are ones I bought as part of my elf costume for the Ho Ho Homicide I attended last month, I knew that night they were definitely something I’d wear more than for this particular costume. The only problem is the fact the material is so thin and flimsy, my feet end up freezing when I have them on. The red orchid clip came as part of my Crown and Glory mystery box, I’ll have more to say about that when I blog about the contents next week.
Hope you’re all enjoying my outfit posts as much as I’m enjoying doing them.
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