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I was in two minds as to whether or not I felt like blogging today. I’ve felt rubbish all day as I started taking my tablets and all afternoon I wasn’t sure I could get my mind in order. However now that Little Miss is in bed and I’m enjoying the silence, I’ve managed to prop myself up with a blanket and some cushions and I’m feeling a bit better now that I have spent the last 20 minutes resizing some images. I REALLY want to blast the Frozen soundtrack all evening like I did yesterday but it all depends on how well my head decides to hold up!
ANYWAY, tonight I’m giving you all a little look at my newest ring. It was one of my sale purchases as I knew I wouldn’t be treating myself to anything for a while and I’d had my eye on it before it even went in the sale! It’s so pretty!

It’s from a little online shop called Cheap Frills that I found through them adding me on Instagram. Like with anyone who requests to follow me on Instagram I usually have a little browse of their page and I instantly fell in love with the rings available on Cheap Frills! It wasn’t long before Christmas so I knew I shouldn’t be buying things I don’t need so I left it. I’m so glad I did because one of the rings I had my eye on was half price between Christmas and New Year so I snapped it up sharpish!

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s the gold Aurora ring and was in the sale for £6! I’ve been after a beautiful gold ring for a while to go with my Disney Couture jewellery, a lot of which is gold and all my rings are silver. The stone in the middle is a fire opal. Opal’s are usually considered unlucky and despite all my other superstitions this one i’ve never believed in because they’re so pretty. As you can tell from the photos this one appears different colours in different lights. I also love the stone setting because it looks like a tiara. It’s 100% a fashion piece, no part of it is a real stone or gold but it doesn’t stop me loving it any less. And it also has an adjustable back which is always an added bonus as you can wear it on different fingers. 
The delivery, service and packaging of my ring from Cheap Frills was fantastic. I only had to wait a few days for it to arrive and that was even during the holiday season! I have my eye on a few more rings, in particular the Luna ring and the mood rings. Maybe for my birthday in March, hey? 
Over the fast few months Little Miss has become less hands on in regards to my jewellery so if we’re heading out or doing something special I’ve been wearing some of my favourite pieces again. Before having Little Miss I always wore a necklace, bracelets and a ring or two every day, without fail. Even when I wasn’t allowed to at work, I still would. I sold a lot of my stuff when I became pregnant just to make ends meet so now I’m gradually trying to buy a few staple pieces back. For jewellery on a budget I love Miss Geekay and Dixi. I have made a fair few purchases in 2013 from there! For something a little more expensive I love the customer service and selection at John Greed, especially the Pandora although recently I’ve been looking at getting one of those a rose gold designer charm bracelets from Benna. Benna also stocks contemporary jewellery by Shourouk, a brand that has only recently come to my attention when I was putting together my gift guides at Christmas. 
Where do you like to buy your jewellery from? Are you a high street jewelers person or an independant boutique kinda gal?
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