Sleek Face Form in Fair Review

Despite still feeling dreadful I’ve decided this evening to pull my head out of my ass and get back to work. So tonight I’m sharing another review as it seems the kindest way to get back into this. I was afraid if I didn’t blog tonight I would of completely fallen out of the way of it. I definitely don’t have bloggers block as I have a list of post ideas as long as my arm, I’m just so exhausted at the moment between Little Miss having a cough and my insomnia. Which reminds me, thank you so much for all the wonderful and helpful comments on my post The Secret Diary of an Insomniac. Everyone was so wonderful and supportive but I expect nothing less from my readers! 
Today, something a little lighter, a review of the first ever Sleek product I owned, Face Form in Fair.
I have always been curious about Sleek products. They look higher end than they are with their professional looking black packaging that gets dirty easily in their case along the lines of NARS and MAC but without the price tag. There isn’t anywhere in the small town I live in that sells Sleek so I wanted to wait to get to a stand before ordering anything online. There isn’t anything like seeing the product in the flesh (well, plastic). In September I finally managed to get near a stand and this was the product I picked up. 
What beauty blogger doesn’t want to be able to contour? I know I do, although despite owning this product I’m still pretty inept at doing it, never mind. I originally purchased NARS Laguna, which is seemingly the holy grail for contouring, however we didn’t get on. It was too dark and just made me look dirty. I quickly sold it on and went on the hunt for something better. When I found this which not only included the contour powder, but a highligher and a blush for £9.99, I just had to have it. And even though, as I mentioned above, I still can’t contour, I love this little compact.
Sleek’s Face Form comes in three colours, Dark, Medium, Light and Fair and each contain a contour powder, highlighter and blush/bronzer to aid with contouring the cheeks. This is what Sleek calls the “ultimate face definition kit” and while I do believe in the correct hands, this could be true.. for me it doesn’t do anything other than give me a nice dewy looking complexion. As I mentioned above, I went for fair as I do have fair skin, even in the summer. The other thing that pulled me to this one rather than the light one was the fact it came with a gorgeous coral blush, which I have to admit is my favourite part of Face Form. The coral blush is flecked with gold bits and gives a really “perky” colouring to my cheeks. The contour powder is also much better than the Laguna bronzer as it is lighter, this makes it much more suitable for fair skin tones. All three shades also blend really well which is something else I like about it. The colour has great staying power too and the blush is really pigmented.
The compact itself comes with a little mirror for applying on the go, which was great to take to Paris as it meant I didn’t have to take a separate mirror in my make up bag. As with the NARS packaging, the actual box does get very grubby especially when in with the rest of my make up. 
Overall, I’d really recommend this to anyone who is a novice at contouring or just off somewhere and wants something convenient to pack with their make up. It’s great value for money and a little bit goes a long way. I’m impressed on the whole with my first Sleek pick up and I look forward to giving something else from the brand a go, perhaps one of their infamous eyeshadow palettes?
Have you tried any Sleek products?
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