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Outfit of the Day – Skin White as Snow

I’m so glad I took these photos earlier on today because as the day has worn on I’ve felt myself coming down with something so I really want to spend the next few hours curled up on the sofa with my book. My dad and sister have had this wicked cold for a few weeks, then my mum and Little Miss caught it and now from the tightness of chest and sore ear I’m pretty sure I’ve got it. Typical with it being Little Miss’ birthday next week! 
Despite the fact my sister was feeling rubbish, she twisted my arm this afternoon to meet up with her and my nephew while Little Miss was at nursery. We went to Asda and shared a slice of carrot cake then I helped her with the grocery shop (as she’d helped me with mine the week before) then I went up to her house for a bit to play with her puppy. After that we picked Little Miss up from nursery and went to see my mum for dinner. This is becoming the usual routine for a Wednesday. 
I didn’t do an outfit post last week, mainly due to the weather being so dreadful I spent a lot of time having pj days with Little Miss. This week however I wanted to show off my new t-shirt from TeeFury.

I had my settings wrong for this photo, I’m still trying to get to grips with my camera.
Snow White T-Shirt, $11 TeeFury
Joni Jeans, £30 Topshop
White Socks, £1.99 Primark
T-Bar Shoes, £36 Topshop
Fairest of them All Necklace (ancient), Disney Couture
I bought this t-shirt at the back end of last year after Bee linked me to it. She’s a big fan of the limited edition t-shirt and even blogged about her collection. I had to have it because it’s Snow White, and I love Snow White. I don’t actually own a lot of t-shirts, to be honest I don’t think they suit my shape and I really only wear them with my two pairs of Joni jeans. I like to have them though mainly because some days (like twice a month) I don’t want to wear a dress or a skirt, I want to go casual. Of course I couldn’t resist wearing my t bar shoes from Topshop that everyone and their mother now owns since they went in the sale! I wish I managed to get a coloured pair! I finished off my outfit with my FAVOURITE Disney Couture necklace. My parents bought it a few years back for a birthday and I don’t wear it nearly enough! 
Do you have a favourite t-shirt to wear on your casual days?
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