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Winter Favourites

Back in October I shared my favourite products for Autumn. Since we’ve now moved on a season I thought i’d share my favourite products for Winter.
I have mixed feelings about Winter. I like the idea of it I think rather than the endless cold dark days, or worse dark rainy days. I don’t mind the cold too much, especially when it snows… not that we’ve had any this year. Like with autumn I adore the fashion, I like sitting indoors with candles burning cuddled up under blankets. However I don’t like how much it costs to heat my home though, this year it has been such a drain and I honestly can’t wait for the warmer weather. I guess it’s sad in a way that it comes down to money. 
Anyway, here are my favourite products of the moment! 

Due to the usual string of coughs and colds I always seem to catch, I find that in the winter I tend to wash my hair less. I still take baths and shower, I just make sure my hair stays dry. My daughter is still terrified of the hair dryer so I keep the usage of that to a minimum and when it’s cold I’m not a fan of walking around with wet hair. Instead when it starts to look a little worse for wear I tend to reach for the dry shampoo. The stuff I’m using at the moment I featured last Saturday in my Keeping Red Hair Red post, it’s a new one from Batiste especially for red heads. It’s £3.99 for 200mls and since I don’t use much it lasts ages. Another thing I do when I’m avoiding the inevitable hair washing is go for the messy bun look. I’ve actually got it so it looks pretty good these days and to hold it in place I’m LOVING Toni & Guy’s Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray. I got this in a Christmas gift pack in the Boots sale, it’s the small version but I know once it’s done i’ll be investing in the full size. It’s not sticky in the slightest, brushes out easily with none of the flaky bits and best of all it smells so so nice! Which I know is strange for a hairspray, but it really does. It gives my hair that messy back comb look I require. It’s £6.39 for 250ml which is normally more than I’d pay for hairspray but since this makes my messy bun look good, I don’t begrudge it.
I struggled photographing these bottles in the limited daylight we had today! I hate the dry skin that comes with winter caused by central heating and cold winds. As I have naturally dry and sensitive skin I need to find products that will be really moisturising. I wish my purse would extend to Origin’s but alas, with Christmas being in winter i’m usually lacking in funds (not to mention my spending ban). While in Paris, I picked up this tube of Yves Rocher Extreme Comfort Mask for Sensitive Skin. It was only 9e and seemed to be exactly what I was after in a moisturising face mask. Having heard little about Yves Rocher and not having the internet to search for reviews at the time, it was a bit of a chance purchase but I’m so glad I ended up getting it. Days when I take Little Miss for a walk in the buggy are usually days my skin feels the driest and tightest so I come home, scrub off my make up and whack this baby on for 5 minutes. My skin feels so soothed afterwards and soft. I’ll definitely be picking this up again. Along with it I’ve been using Skin Therapy by Sainsbury’s Perform & Protect Night Cream* again for Sensitive Skin. It’s thicker than what I usually use but it really sinks into the skin without feeling greasy. It’s £12.99 for 250ml which is a bit more than I’d pay for a brand created by a supermarket but you can hardly argue if it works. 
After months of lusting after Marc Jacob’s Honey perfume I finally received a bottle of it from my parents for Christmas. I know some bloggers haven’t been won over with Honey as they have with other scents by Marc Jacobs but personally I love it! It’s so comforting, perfect perfume for a winters day as it reminds me of those days of summer long ago. Marc Jacobs can do no wrong in my eyes, favourite perfume brand ever. Over Christmas I was lucky enough to win a Philosophy gift set over Twitter and in it came this Sweet Creamy Frosting moisturiser and already it’s a firm favourite. It is very very sweet but I like smelling sweet. Like with all Philosophy products it’s quite indulgent but it absorbs well, leaves my skin feeling moisturised and smelling great. 
Along with dry skin, I suffer terribly with dry chapped lips in the winter and because I suffer from dermatillomania (thank you Becky!) I can’t stop myself picking at them. However, while in Paris I bought Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm for 7e and to be honest, it was the best 7e I spent while there. This is the God of lip balms and I plan on reviewing it properly on the blog as soon as possible. I’m so glad that Marks and Spencers are now selling it because I’ll definitely be picking it up once this pot is empty (and it’s not far off!) When my lips are all chapped looking there is one colour I’ve been wearing non stop this season and that’s berry. Until this year I’ve always been afraid of dark lips. With being so fair I was afraid it would give me a gothic look which isn’t something I’m keen on for myself. However since buying MAC’s Hang Up (I reviewed it ages ago here) and wearing it around Paris I’ve been in love. Hang Up is probably one of my favourite lipsticks these days and I never hesitate to whack it on. I also treated myself to my third Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy and I love this too. I think Apocalips are just so wearable and such a great price, I wouldn’t go past them for high street lip products. 
What are your favourite products for our cold season? 
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