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I’m now almost four weeks into my Spending Ban and i’m finding it so much easier than I thought I would. I think because I haven’t been as strict as the one I put myself on last year I haven’t felt as miserable. I’ve been able to buy birthday presents for Little Miss (she’s two tomorrow!) and I’ve still treated her when she’s been exceptionally well behaved. I’ve also still bought chocolate when I’ve needed it. But I’m proud to say I’ve made no frivolous purchases, no clothes, no shoes, no make up or any beauty supplies at all. I haven’t bought any books or any DVDs, nothing for the house and no take aways (although my sister and I are having one tonight while I bake 24 cupcakes and a three layered cake). I think as the year wares on this will become harder with some of the things I have planned but so far, January has gone pretty well and I’ve managed to save a fair bit. 
However, this hasn’t stopped me browsing online or lusting over things. So I’ve put together a little wishlist of thing I really want to buy post spending ban. It’s a very eclectic mix from books to house hold bits and pieces as well as couple of dresses and beauty products since these are all the things I haven’t been buying. 
Starting with homewares. I’ve spent this evening baking Little Miss her birthday cake, which I had planned to complete tonight however since I will be at my mothers all day tomorrow the cake needs to be there. Which is all fine and well, until I realised I had nothing to transport a three layer iced spectacle in. So as soon as the spending ban is over, I’m buying a cake tin. Much like the one in my wishlist I hope since it will match my kitchen perfectly. This one is from The Homewares Company that stocks wonder homeware and gifts online. They also stock a great choice of garden a home wares. I’ve bookmarked it since it has a great selection that will come in handy for the back end of the year after I’ve finished my travels and I want to focus more on my home. Next, the two mugs. Since I saw Frozen at the cinema a few weeks back I have been OBSESSED with it, so naturally I feel I need to have these two mugs to add to my ever growing Disney mugs collection. They’re available at the Disney Store now, so I may have to break my spending ban to buy them as I’m sure they’ll be out of stock by May. 
Onto clothing and accessories. Surely I’m not the only one longing for Spring? I keep catching myself browsing shops for pretty dresses to wear when the weather gets warmer (not that I need anymore since between my summer and winter wardrobes I’m pushing 30 dresses). As ever i’m coveting stuff from Ever Ours and Bonne Chance Collections. But how CUTE is this plaid dress from the latter? And I’m still completely smitten by the gorgeous smocks on offer in Ever Ours, this cream one is my current favourite. I’m wearing my hair up a lot in a messy bun just because it’s so misty and damp all the time that if I don’t I just end up a mass of frizz. I’d love a bun crown from Roses and Clementines, like the royal blue one pictured above which will really go with a lot I have in my wardrobe. Finally, since I received the Cath Kidston Christmas catalog I have been lusting after this patchwork backpack. It’s PERFECT for the traveling I’m planning for this year and I know from the name it’ll be good quality and long lasting.
Next, skincare. I’ve gone for skincare over make up, purely because my skin has been a complete state this month due to some new tablets and crazy hormones. I really need to man up and start investing heavily in what I put on my face skincare wise rather than make up wise. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about REN so I think when I have a bit more to spare I’ll invest in some of the Sensitive Skin products like the cleansing gel and moisturiser. They also do a really cute sample kit for £13 that I plan on trying first.
Finally books. I’ve been reading a lot more this month than I did towards the end of last year. I’ve read three books from my unread part of my bookcase so I feel that deserves a reward of new books. Since Amazon told me I “might like” The Girl Who.. series by Catherynne M. Valente I’ve been desperate to get my hands on them. As soon as I’m able to spend again I’ll definitely be buying these, if not before. They sound right up my street. 
What are you currently wishing for this January? 
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