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Two years ago today, at 16:20 weighing 5lbs 2oz my beautiful daughter was born 13 days early. I loved her from the moment I saw her and I love her more every day. Today really brought home how incredibly proud I am of the little girl she’s turning into. She’s smart, funny, imaginative, polite and incredibly beautiful. I love every second being her mother, even on the bad days, which are thankfully few and far between. We had a rough two years but I think it’s made our relationship stronger. I love being her mummy, she’s everything I could ever of wish for in a child. 
We have had a wonderful day. She received a lot of wonderful gifts from friends and family. I baked her a three layer pink vanilla cake and cupcakes to take to nursery which I hear went down a treat. She also received a gift from everyone at nursery, the lucky little girl. We had lunch at my mothers and Little Miss was given her first pram and baby doll from my parents, it’s probably her favourite gift as she’s played with it all afternoon. My grandparents and aunts came to visit and my nephew was also there. For dinner we went to Mcdonalds (SHOCK HORROR!) as a special treat along with my sister and her boyfriend. The kids really enjoyed it because we don’t go very often. 
I still can’t believe I have been a mother for two years. It’s had it’s hardships, in the beginning I really struggled but I put that down to everything else going on. Being a parent is never easy, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. I just believe you get better at coping with situations. Little Miss and I have such a close relationship, even if she does have a tantrum, when she’s done (as I pretty much ignore them, it’s the quickest way to stop it) she gives me a hug and says “I’m sorry mummy” how can I be angry at that? 
Happy Birthday Little Miss, I love you x
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