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As I’ve resolved to read more books this year I thought i’d blog about what I read monthly rather than doing a review of each. I always struggle with book reviews because I don’t like giving too much away. I’m more of a “read it!” or “don’t read it!” kind of person. This way I can simply write a few sentences about what I think about each book then tell you all whether I recommend it or not. I can also keep track on my blog what I’ve read as well as on Goodreads.
I managed three books this month and I’m half way through my forth. I would have finished it if I hadn’t fallen ill this week. I had absolutely no energy or concentration and pretty much just lay in bed watching stuff on my iPad rather than doing anything that takes a great deal of brain power. However, three books is really good seeing as I barely read anything from May onwards last year due to how stressed I ended up! 
The first book I read this year was The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. It’s actually a re-read for about the 10th time but since it was on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list I thought maybe I should kick off the year with it. I first read The Hobbit years ago, when I was about 10 and it really kicked off my love of fantasy. The re-read didn’t take me long and it really made me realise how much more I love the book than the movies (which I still like, just not as much). It’s an easy read as it’s aimed at a younger audience than The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I’ve also read) and every time I read it I love it a little bit more. It’s a book I always recommend to fantasy lovers who don’t feel ready to tackle the other Tolkien books. 
Then I moved onto Reached by Ally Condie. Last year I read the first two books in the Matched trilogy (you can read the review of Matched & Crossed if you haven’t already) and I really wasn’t a fan so in all honesty I wasn’t expecting much from Reached. However, it was the best book out of the three. Still not great and for a Dystopian trilogy it wasn’t a patch on The Hunger Games but it was still better. It had a much more interesting story that hadn’t really been touched on in the previous books and I enjoyed that. Cassia still really annoyed me though which is what probably ruined the book for me. I wouldn’t recommend the Matched trilogy to anyone, which is a shamed because if Reached had been a stand alone book it wouldn’t of been too bad. 
The final book I read in January was your generic chic lit, Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. As far as chic lit goes, Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite authors. I am a huge fan of the Shopaholic series and some of her other books aren’t half bad, like with Wedding Night. I have to admit I do enjoy a chic lit book now and again, I find them easy to read which is often what I need in a book. Wedding Night was really your basic chic lit book, it was enjoyable and quick to read. The characters weren’t particularly memorable but there were some laugh out loud moments.

I did start another book.. I managed to get half way through and then I got bored. It wasn’t worth reading anymore sadly.

About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk is that book. Usually I’m a fan of Lindsey Kelk, I loved the I Heart series and I even enjoyed The Single Girls To-Do List but this one was really dull and the protagonist was so annoying. I ended up putting it in the charity bag that came through the door today. I was bitterly disappointed and I wasn’t going to force myself to read it. Life is too short for bad books.
What have you read this January?
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